Yupina Ng
Yupina Ng

Ronny Mintjens went to teach English to trainee tour guides but soon realised there would be difficulties – which prompted his surprising solution.  


Antonio Kwong, chairman of the Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health, is worried about a new trend targeted at young people or those who want to quit traditional smoking.

Stifling environment in the city has forced some who can afford it to take their kids out of the education system to be ‘worldschooled’ on road trips.


Yew Chung International School boss tells Post what has kept her doing over the decades and why her latest venture will have a big impact on the community.

Environmentalists in Hong Kong urge residents to think about the risk their high-energy lifestyles pose to a part of the city most vulnerable to rising tides: Tai O

‘Don’t worry, be happy’ may be easier said than done, but performers such as magicians and comedians are calling for government support to develop their brand of joy

Founder of Soneva, which owns ultra-luxury resorts in the Maldives and Thailand, says environmentalism and sustainability must be central to all businesses, and Hong Kong has ‘a lot of room for improvement’.

Unionist politicians say the government has been slow in tackling the issue to maintain the competitive business environment including low labour costs. But they warn that the price to pay for a thriving economy is people’s health.

Sweden tops the list as the best place in the world for women to work, while the city still has a long way to go before making significant progress in this aspect

While the city’s labour force is increasingly female, and professional workers report some progress at the top of society, boardrooms are still mostly male, and poorer women are shackled by childcare.

Social worker and mother also warns that low-income and immigrant families most in need of help from a city whose data and regulations are inadequate