Martial arts icons

Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen – you know who they are
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From Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, to Jet Li and Donnie Yen, Chinese-language martial arts movies have been popularised by some of the greatest action icons in cinema history.

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Recognition for the Asian actress – and others from the region – will boost the confidence of the industry here and beyond.
An ‘internal’ project focusing on girls at a Hong Kong school over 10 years has created a storm following claims consent for a public screening had not been sought.
Hong Kong filmmakers are being urged to think twice before attending the ceremony for the Golden Horse Awards for fear that untoward comments during the event could see their work banned in mainland China or worse, fall afoul of the national security law.
As Hong Kong mourns storyteller Ni Kuang and filmmaker Alex Law, it can take comfort from knowing their much-loved legacies will live on.
The death of Kenneth Tsang Kong, a cinema and television icon for six decades, has been met with a flood of tributes from those in the entertainment industry and beyond.
Moves to tighten law have further fuelled fears for city freedoms, and red lines need to be spelt out to ensure artistic expression and creativity continue to be allowed and encouraged.
Hong Kong used to be a global player in the television, film and music sectors but the shine has worn off in the past couple of decades; now is the time for a reboot.
Hong Kong filmmakers have the talent and skill to win over mainland audiences, and recapture the imagination of viewers outside China. Local policy support is as important as good scripts, and funding schemes could be more flexible.
The restaurant, where Bruce Lee filmed scenes for Game of Death, opened in 1971, serving Sichuan food. The loss of business due to the pandemic led to a decision to close for six months, says the owner, who is not sure if it will reopen.
One reason young people are so involved in politics is they lack ways to channel their vigour and thought into creative businesses and innovation. The government must recognise the need for sustainable plans to revamp Hong Kong’s creative industries and enrich lives.
The Cinemax show, exploring anti-Chinese racism in Bruce Lee’s script, showcases how far, and how little, modern society has progressed since the 1870s.
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