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Remembering cultural landmarks, colonial-era architecture and infrastructure projects that transformed Hong Kong into the city we see today.

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As Germany’s wartime White Rose resistance group demonstrates, the perils of speaking truth to tyrannical power are real, but history will remember those brave souls with the reverence they deserve.
An Australian painted a picture of Hong Kong both wonderful and weirdly familiar in a 1923 travelogue belatedly published last year. He marvelled at its roads and night vistas, and disliked its drab buildings.
Proposals to fast track ‘minor’ reclamation works put city’s most outstanding natural feature at further risk.
A prolific and distinct school of painting flourished in Hong Kong after the Pacific war, and two individuals stand out for their invaluable contribution.
Among Hong Kong historians, one of the most significant yet underappreciated researchers was an American reverend who believed in quietly working on his hobby.
Back when ready-to-wear was the height of fashion, handmade dresses were the everyday domain of most women in Asia – with travelling tailors offering their takes on the latest trends.
In Hong Kong, a post-war philanthropic scheme to get farmers back on their feet was later extended to Gurkhas returning to Nepal. The training and supplies it provided would prove vital.
‘When the facts change, I change my mind,’ wrote British economist John Maynard Keynes. But if historical facts haven’t changed, what then?
From Worcestershire sauce to curry paste, the now ubiquitous Hong Kong-style takes on Western staples – often copied versions of the local garrison’s rations – helped spice up life.
The end of European rule in Asia gradually led to the disappearance of a once-thriving community of Eurasians, and gone with them is a distinctive way of life.
Most young, local Portuguese men in post-war Hong Kong with musical ambitions saw their dreams slowly extinguished by financial responsibility and marriage, but not radio legend Uncle Ray.
Hong Kong’s Covid contact tracing was ineffective, but a pre-digital mechanism for nipping sexually transmitted diseases in the bud worked for British servicemen in the city a century ago.
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