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Throughout its history, Hong Kong has been a place of ever-changing contours and skylines as well as home to a great variety of people. Here we present columns, photo galleries and stories about people who've lived in and helped shape Hong Kong, buildings preserved and long vanished, historical events, the city's changing culture and how the past shapes the present....more
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The once ‘unlovely’ New Territories village has become popular with Hongkongers thanks to its Instagram-friendly murals, craft markets, self-pick farms and more.
Piecework was commonplace during the city’s post-war industrial boom, allowing families to earn extra and their employers to sidestep safety and labour regulations.
In the post-war period, the humble refrigerator took pride of place in living rooms across the city, until it eventually became too commonplace for comment.
Only a section of the conduit at Pok Fu Lam reservoir has been given a grade two heritage status in recognition of its ‘special merit’. Authorities should learn the lesson of the Bishop Hill reservoir and widen the assessment.
The recent ‘dance-hall cluster’ has thrown a spotlight on the hitherto respectable tradition of ballroom dancing.
Gazetteers provide records of the physical and social features of a location, a tradition that has been in place for at least 2,000 years in China.
A writer pays tribute to his amah as Ah Kam retires to her native Thailand after 20 years of feeding, judging and fond memories.
17th and 18th century Europe admired all things Chinese, from textiles to garden design and even philosophy, before such sentiments soured into suspicion and hostility – setting a precedent for modern geopolitics.
Such items reveal the lives, times, and personal circumstances of their former owners, and how general fashions and tastes have evolved – and deteriorated – over generations.
Somehow, despite safeguards in place, a unique, Romanesque structure in Shek Kip Mei almost met the wrecking ball until astute citizens came in to rescue this amazing historical site.
In the past, what people took to their new lives, and then retained for a couple of generations, illuminates what they considered personally important.
Despite Hong Kong’s long-standing reputation as a shopping haven, the city’s well-to-do have always looked West for quality household goods.
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