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J. Moore / Rating: 91

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 10 yrs / AUS
Owner: Martin Siu Kim-sun
Last win: 11-05-19
Health: Fever. (29/06/2018) Castration. (28/02/2018) Lame left hind foot. (20/01/2018) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (14/07/2019) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (10/03/2019) Substantial mucus in trachea after racing. (09/05/2020) Lame left hind leg. (06/01/2018) Bled from both nostrils after racing. (04/02/2018)
Sire: Artie Schiller
Dam: Elahi

Past Performances
Total Starts: 27: (2-5-0)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 13 (1-5-0)
ST 1600m: 10 (1-0-0)
HV 1650m: 2 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
12-07-20817ST tf g/f A14002WDJ. Moore128K. C. Leung SUPER OASISMONGOLIAN KINGBEAUTY APPLAUSE1:20:7822.83 --91  
27-06-20778ST tf g/f B140022J. Moore126K. C. Leung6TT-WATER DIVINERGOOD STANDINGYOUNG LEGEND1:20:6923.5335.32 22.48 22.977-7-6-20.51241891326
14-06-20741ST tf g/f C+3160028J. Moore115C. L. Chau6TTLAKESHORE EAGLEASSIMILATENICCONI EXPRESS1:33:0223.3046.76 23.12 24.793-2-3-810.251249928.413
24-05-20689ST tf g A140026J. Moore121C. L. Chau11B-/XB-/TT2BAND OF BROTHERSGLORIOUS SPECTRUMHAPPY FUN1:21:2423.0334.92 23.41 23.303-1-3-62.51270941012
09-05-20649ST tf g/f C1400111J. Moore128A. Hamelin1B/XBBUDDIESAMAZING ONE PLUSDECRYPT1:20:8823.1035.58 22.68 23.774-5-4-117.251260971114
12-04-20573ST tf g C1400210J. Moore132B. Shinn6B/XBBALLISTIC KINGBEAUTY LEGACYDECRYPT1:20:7423.4834.74 22.76 24.072-3-4-105.251250991627
14-03-20498ST tf g C+31600110J. Moore111M. F. Poon4B/XBSIMPLY BRILLIANTHARMONY VICTORYENCOURAGING1:33:6722.5148.50 23.02 22.934-5-5-10512651012238
26-02-20449HV tf g A1650110J. Moore127B. Shinn2B/XBHARMONY VICTORYHEZTHEWONFORUSTIME TO CELEBRATE1:39:1423.3852.57 23.19 24.161-2-1-104.7512601031815
08-02-20405ST tf g C+3160026J. Moore133G. van Niekerk12B/XBPRECIOUSSHIPFAST MOST FURIOUSNOT USUAL TALENT1:34:3423.1747.86 23.31 23.521-1-1-62.2512611051719
27-01-20370ST tf g B+2140015J. Moore130B. Shinn4B/XBPERFECT MATCHFAST MOST FURIOUSMORETHANLUCKY1:21:5622.8535.92 23.07 22.882-4-5-5212441061019
01-01-20300ST tf g C1400G36J. Moore120G. van Niekerk5B/XBGOLDEN SIXTYFAT TURTLECHAMPION'S WAY1:20:7022.7035.53 22.71 23.393-4-3-65.7512461081523
23-11-19195ST tf g/f C1600114J. Moore132N. Callan2B/XBFAST MOST FURIOUSHARMONY VICTORYEXTRA BRUT1:33:0824.4246.10 22.84 25.673-3-3-149.512411088.29.2
09-11-19166ST tf g/f A140012J. Moore132N. Callan9B/XBENCOURAGINGGOOD STANDINGFAST MOST FURIOUS1:19:9223.0634.90 22.32 22.983-3-3-21.7512511071724
20-10-19107ST tf g/f A1200G26J. Moore116K. Teetan6B/XBSEASONS BLOOMFULL OF BEAUTYWISHFUL THINKER1:08:8321.7424.71 22.50 22.12 2-2-63.251244107148.7
14-07-19814ST tf g/f A160017J. Moore126Z. Purton3B/XBHARMONY VICTORYTIME TO CELEBRATEKA YING STAR1:32:8222.6247.48 23.08 23.164-5-5-75.512411072.93.2
02-06-19711ST tf g/f B1600G37J. Moore123K. Teetan7B/XBCHAMPION'S WAYKA YING STARINSAYSHABLE1:35:0022.2549.11 23.84 22.633-3-4-73.7512601071011
11-05-19654ST tf g C140011J. Moore124Z. Purton5B/XB1/TT-GOOD STANDINGMISSION TYCOONLEAN PERFECTION1:20:7922.8235.24 22.93 22.622-4-3-12.251258992.22.4
14-04-19584ST tf g/y C140022J. Moore133C. Schofield13B/TT1CHAMPION'S WAYGOOD STANDINGKASI FARASI1:22:7123.8835.69 23.14 24.052-2-2-21.251263971824
10-03-19485ST tf g C+3160018J. Moore113M. Chadwick5BRISE HIGHWHAT ELSE BUT YOUDINOZZO1:34:5623.7247.95 23.17 24.033-4-4-83.751259977.49.2
17-02-19428ST tf g A+3140022J. Moore130Z. Purton3BWAIKUKUGOOD STANDINGDRAGON GENERAL1:22:7722.4636.67 23.72 22.413-3-3-2H1258946.96.3
02-02-19393ST tf g C160021J. Moore123Z. Purton5BGOOD STANDINGENRICHMENTTIME TO CELEBRATE1:34:3222.9248.22 23.30 22.805-5-4-111257878.710
26-12-18290HV tf g C+3165026J. Moore125D. Whyte3B2LITTERATEURRED WARRIORWINNING FAITH1:39:9523.6651.89 24.88 23.826-5-5-641253897.710
09-12-18241ST tf g A1600213J. Moore127H. Bowman8 INSAYSHABLETIGRE DU TERREDARK DREAM1:36:1122.9849.23 23.90 23.461-2-3-1331262915.86.3
25-11-18205ST tf g/y C160019J. Moore116D. Whyte3 SIMPLY BRILLIANTWHAT ELSE BUT YOURISE HIGH1:35:6424.3447.83 23.79 25.014-4-3-96.2512729154.1
21-10-18118ST tf g/f A140022J. Moore122D. Whyte10 CITRON SPIRITGOOD STANDINGSIMPLY BRILLIANT1:21:6623.0235.87 23.09 22.783-5-4-20.512888969.2
01-10-1864ST tf g A+3120025J. Moore124D. Whyte9B-LITTLE GIANTCALIFORNIA FORTUNEDRAGON GENERAL1:08:8122.6024.98 22.43 21.80 12-13-52.51291892712
01-07-18766ST tf g B12002WDJ. Moore127B. PrebbleBCALIFORNIA FORTUNEDRAGON GENERALSTAR SHINE1:09:0823.40 --90  
04-02-18397ST tf g C1400210J. Moore121T. Berry1BPING HAI STARMR GENUINEKINGSFIELD1:22:2722.6537.04 22.86 23.383-3-3-106.251330909.78.9
21-01-18363ST tf g A16004YOWDJ. Moore126T. BerryBNOTHINGILIKEMORESINGAPORE SLINGMORETHANLUCKY1:34:2423.14 130490  
17-12-17281ST tf g C+3140024J. Moore126Z. Purton7B1PINGWU SPARKHAPPY AGILITYBABA MAMA1:22:0923.2636.12 22.87 23.284-4-3-41.251316907.78.2