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DANE PATROL (L078) 御鋒 (Retired)

P. O'Sullivan / Rating: 86

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 13 yrs / AUS
Owner: Alan Chan Yau-yuet & Chris Chan Cheong-hoi
Last win: 21-03-15
Health: Unacceptable performance. (19/12/2009) Castration. (23/12/2009) After being boxed became fractious, kicked at back gates and got left hind over the back gates, abrasions to left hind and was withdrawn from race. (27/02/2011) Substantial mucopus in the trachea after racing. (09/04/2011) Unacceptable performance. (02/12/2012) Lame left front fetlock. (11/01/2013)
Sire: Danewin
Dam: Kimash

Past Performances
Total Starts: 57: (9-4-4)
ST 1000m: 52 (9-4-3)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 2 (0-0-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
03-05-15587ST tf g/f A+3100027P. O'Sullivan112H. N. Wong7 GO BABY GOMY LITTLE FRIENDNOT LISTENIN'TOME0:55.522.2 13.05 20.27 22.611-1-72.251160861215
21-03-15482ST tf g C+3100031P. O'Sullivan123H. N. Wong6 DANE PATROLCOUNTRY MELODYNO MONEY NO TALK0:56.922.9 13.14 20.92 22.931-1-10.51164808.410
08-03-15447ST tf g/f C+3100032P. O'Sullivan115H. N. Wong9 DISCIPLES TWELVEDANE PATROLLOVELY DELOVELY0:56.423.1 13.03 20.36 23.131-1-2H1173771316
01-02-15360ST tf g/f C100034P. O'Sullivan123K. C. Leung8 JETWINGSLOVELY DELOVELYMY LITTLE FRIEND0:56.322.5 13.11 20.69 22.911-1-42.51173772532
10-01-15308ST tf g/f A100033P. O'Sullivan129K. C. Leung5 JETWINGSLUCKY DAYDANE PATROL0:56.122.1 13.19 20.77 22.671-1-331165771524
01-01-15279ST tf g/f C100031P. O'Sullivan124K. C. Leung10 DANE PATROLCOUNTRY MELODYTOUCH GO0:56.522.5 13.20 20.77 22.551-1-1H1160711112
20-12-14257ST tf g/f A+3100034P. O'Sullivan120C. Y. Lui14 COUNTRY MELODYDISCIPLES TWELVESMART DECLARATION0:56.122.0 13.12 20.94 22.421-1-42.25115872129
07-12-14221ST tf g/f C+3100036P. O'Sullivan124C. Y. Lui9 LOVELY DELOVELYLUCKY CELEBRITYFANTASTICO0:56.922.7 13.20 21.03 23.251-1-63.251153749.910
12-10-1481ST tf g/f A+3100035P. O'Sullivan125C. Y. Lui11 LOVELY DELOVELYSUPER ABUNDANTETANGO FIRE0:56.522.6 13.25 20.89 22.832-2-52.5114875811
27-09-1444ST tf g/f C100034P. O'Sullivan121C. Y. Lui7 SKY MANSEASONS STARTANGO FIRE0:55.922.3 13.02 20.56 22.541-2-41.251147751215
17-09-1417ST tf g A+3100034P. O'Sullivan128K. C. Leung11 DISCIPLES TWELVEMARVEL TRIBEST YAZIN0:56.022.7 13.00 20.30 23.221-1-42.751152758.814
28-06-14746ST tf g/f A100031P. O'Sullivan116C. Y. Lui14 DANE PATROLDISCIPLES TWELVEART OF SUCCESS0:56.422.6 13.02 20.78 22.611-1-11.51149681217
15-06-14710ST tf g C100038P. O'Sullivan123C. K. Tong4 FANTASTICODYNAMIC VOYAGEROCKET LET WIN0:56.422.7 13.11 20.90 23.124-6-841153701755
10-05-14617ST tf g/y C1000310P. O'Sullivan125C. K. Tong13V-/TTMY LITTLE FRIENDFANTASTICOMARVEL TRIBE0:56.122.5 13.11 20.63 23.441-5-106.251148731842
21-04-14570ST tf g C+31000312P. O'Sullivan124C. K. Tong7V/TT PENIAPHOBIAPURE FORCECHARITY JOY0:56.622.6 13.08 20.98 24.471-3-12121153762158
23-03-14497ST tf g C+31000310P. O'Sullivan131C. K. Tong13V/TT MASTER AETIUSPURE FORCETANGO FIRE0:56.522.6 13.09 20.95 23.481-3-106.251144781129
09-03-14462ST tf g C1000310P. O'Sullivan131C. K. Tong11V/TT MY LITTLE FRIENDREAL TREATPURE FORCE0:57.022.8 13.20 21.02 23.582-1-104.751154801322
05-01-14306ST tf g C+3100027P. O'Sullivan108C. Y. Lui5V/TT BEAR HEROSHAHJEEVITAL FLYER0:56.422.8 13.02 20.61 23.721-2-75.51155822125
30-10-13125ST tf g/f C+3100029P. O'Sullivan109C. Y. Lui3V/TT AMBER SKYSICHUAN VIGOURHARD BALL GET0:55.822.4 13.02 20.69 23.922-3-911.251148821713
08-09-137ST tf g A1000211P. O'Sullivan117C. K. Tong8V/TT BEAUTY SPARKLELONDON CHINA TOWNVICTORIUS0:56.522.6 13.13 20.85 24.122-3-11101134828.510
23-06-13718ST tf g A100031Ng Bik-kuen125C. K. Tong8V/TT DANE PATROLMASTER SOMMELIERNOBODY BUT YOU0:56.522.8 13.05 20.61 22.891-1-12.251160741519
12-06-13690ST tf g C100031Ng Bik-kuen110C. Y. Lui7V/TT DANE PATROLMR GOURMETJAEGER BOMB0:56.622.7 13.03 20.83 22.751-1-111164675.84.1
18-05-13623ST tf g C100034Ng Bik-kuen119C. K. Tong4V/TT RADBEAUTY SPARKLEGLORIOUS SUNDAY0:55.422.0 12.94 20.52 22.571-1-43.251163681919
20-04-13551ST tf g C+3100035Ng Bik-kuen121C. K. Tong7V/TT RADGLORIOUS SUNDAYDREAM BUILDER0:56.722.7 13.17 20.77 23.331-1-53.251169681521
10-03-13451ST tf g C+3100032Ng Bik-kuen119C. K. Tong10B-/V1GRIMMYDANE PATROLORIENTAL PROSPER0:55.521.9 13.20 20.38 22.051-1-2N1152662643
24-02-13411ST tf g B100036Ng Bik-kuen121C. K. Tong1B/TT GOLD EDITIONHAWTHORNESIR EAGLES0:57.022.5 13.31 21.22 23.021-1-631147681624
12-02-13385ST tf g C+3100035Ng Bik-kuen115C. K. Tong7B/TT LITTLE COWORIENTAL PROSPERSIR EAGLES0:56.322.4 13.12 20.78 23.051-1-53.751146693442
12-01-13312ST tf g C+310003WDNg Bik-kuen122T. QueallyB/TT WINDICATOR STARHAWTHORNEDYNAMIC VOYAGE0:57.022.6  115869  
02-12-12211ST tf g C+31000312Ng Bik-kuen123C. K. Tong6B/TT DREAM BUILDERJUN DAOPO CHING KING0:57.323.6 13.28 21.19 24.903-13-1212.251147691114
04-11-12137ST tf g/f C+3100034Ng Bik-kuen123C. K. Tong9B/TT ULTIMATE WINNERSXI YING MENBUNDLE OF LOVE0:57.022.9 13.19 20.83 23.221-1-41.51142697.76.4
23-09-1243ST tf g C100031Ng Bik-kuen114C. K. Tong2B/TT DANE PATROLCASTLE HEROBOULD MOVER0:56.322.6 13.17 20.52 22.641-1-11.51153611310
01-07-12723ST tf g B100041Ng Bik-kuen127C. K. Tong2B/TT DANE PATROLREGENCY CHAMPIONJADE CHRISTY0:57.223.2 13.12 20.84 23.251-1-1SH1148561118
17-06-12693ST tf g/y C+3100043Ng Bik-kuen128C. K. Tong6H-/B/SAFARI MAGICJADE CHRISTYDANE PATROL0:57.523.3 13.11 21.03 23.621-1-31.51134562629
19-05-12627ST tf g C+31000411Ng Bik-kuen131Y. T. Cheng2B/H1/FIONN'S GLORYSOLAR SPIRITKOWLOON EAST KING0:57.423.2 13.30 21.17 24.231-4-117.51135601621
26-02-12427ST tf g A+31000311R. Gibson117T. Clark6B/TT ULTIMATE WINNERSALPHA GRANDRUMBA KING0:57.423.3 13.20 21.12 25.351-6-11141129634799
21-01-12338ST tf g C+31000314R. Gibson120O. Doleuze14B/TT GO BABY GOSPACE RACEFLYING TOGETHER0:56.922.9 13.23 20.96 25.143-3-1414.751113662029
04-01-12293HV tf g A1000312R. Gibson123G. Cheyne4B2/TTHAWTHORNEGOOD BOY BOYGREEN ZONE0:57.523.2 12.74 21.60 24.752-2-129.751123681622
17-12-11255ST tf g/f C1000314R. Gibson124O. Doleuze13B-/TTFIVE CLUBSVINTAGE HUSSLERSPACE RACE0:57.123.2 13.36 20.75 24.745-5-1410.51126701314
20-11-11179ST tf g B+21200312C. H. Yip122C. W. Wong9B/TT TAVERNERHAPPY FOREVERREAL SUPREME1:09.823.7 23.27 22.84 25.361-1-1210.251139724199
05-11-11146ST tf g/f C+31000313C. H. Yip129T. Angland12B/TT ARRIVED AHEADSPACE RACEXI YING MEN0:57.123.1 13.22 20.93 24.311-6-138.51148741427
01-10-1159ST tf g C100039C. H. Yip117K. C. Ng4B/TT XI YING MENSHARE OF GOLDDIAMOND KNIGHT0:57.623.1 13.34 21.16 23.701-1-93.251127746.87.6
25-09-1139ST tf g B+2100033C. H. Yip117K. C. Ng9B/TT TOPPING LIGHTSHARE OF GOLDDANE PATROL0:57.723.3 13.22 21.14 23.861-1-331137742.11.8
26-06-11735ST tf g A100032C. H. Yip122C. W. Wong10B/TT EAGLE REGIMENTDANE PATROLSPACE RACE0:56.822.8 13.24 20.67 23.011-1-20.751148713698
11-06-11697ST tf g C100034C. H. Yip126C. W. Wong14B/TT BEAR HEROEAGLE REGIMENTTIME AFTER TIME0:55.521.9 13.27 20.30 22.891-1-45.751146733263
29-05-11657ST tf g/f A+3100037C. H. Yip127C. W. Wong6B/TT SPACE RACEKING MOSSMANLUCKY RED0:57.323.1 13.33 20.89 24.201-1-76.751148744572
10-05-11614ST tf g/f C100039C. H. Yip123T. H. So12B/TT EAGLE REGIMENTSPACE RACESUPREME TAIJI0:55.622.3 13.00 20.33 23.121-1-951156742417
09-04-11539ST tf g C+3100037C. H. Yip123C. Y. Ho2B/TT ETERNAL BEAUTYCHARITY SPIRITXI YING MEN0:55.722.1 13.17 20.42 22.831-1-741141746.48.2
12-03-11464ST tf g C+3100031C. H. Yip115C. Y. Ho6B/TT DANE PATROLFIRST IN COMMANDETERNAL BEAUTY0:56.422.4 13.31 20.77 22.401-1-1Nose11226895.6
27-02-11428ST tf g A+310003WDC. H. Yip114C. Y. HoB/TT CALIFORNIA CHOICEFATBOY SUGARXI YING MEN0:56.622.6  11286810 
12-02-11388ST tf g C+3100041C. H. Yip126C. Y. Ho12B/TT DANE PATROLGENERAL DANROADNOBLE VISION0:57.122.9 13.41 20.84 22.941-1-121120608.49.1
26-01-11351HV tf g C+3100043C. H. Yip131Y. T. Cheng1B/TT GOOD BOY BOYRIDE ON THE FIREDANE PATROL0:57.423.0 12.78 21.61 23.331-1-31.751121604.34
16-01-11324ST tf g C+3100032C. H. Yip113Y. T. Cheng13B/TT DIAMOND KNIGHTDANE PATROLKING OF THE DAY0:57.322.9 13.42 20.89 23.331-2-22.25112560229.9
01-01-11288ST tf g B+2120036C. H. Yip114Y. T. Cheng3B/TT POCKET ROCKETSPIZZAZZTOPPING LIGHT1:09.924.1 23.47 22.34 24.811-1-641130625074
19-12-10263ST tf g C+3100037C. H. Yip115C. W. Wong10B/TT CALIFORNIA CHOICEFIVE CLUBSFREE AND EASY0:56.722.7 13.28 20.67 23.571-1-75.251129645799
04-12-10226ST aw g -1200310C. H. Yip113Y. T. Cheng7B/TT HAPPY REUNIONHORSE GALORETURF MAGIC1:08.823.1 23.47 22.28 25.361-1-1014.51134652446
01-07-10726ST tf g C100038C. H. Yip117Y. T. Cheng1B1/TTLONDON CHINA TOWNDIAMOND KNIGHTLUCKY RED0:56.322.6 13.24 20.48 23.411-1-851096714399
12-06-10684ST tf g C+31000313C. H. Yip128Y. T. Cheng9TT LITTLE BRIDGEDIAMOND KNIGHTCLASSA0:56.122.4 13.16 20.66 24.161-6-1311.51094731920
19-12-09253ST tf g C+31000313C. H. Yip125B. Prebble11TT HUSSLERSWEET SANETTEHAPPY REUNION0:56.922.5 13.55 21.16 24.647-4-13151114745.22.8
29-11-09195ST tf g C100035C. H. Yip120Y. T. Cheng2TT1 CHINA LUJIANEW GLORYHAPPY REUNION0:57.522.4 13.56 21.56 22.721-1-51.51105749.25

HKJC Comment

Quickly in front, taken closer to outer fence and set steady pace to course proper. Collared 300m and gave ground gradually.