Investment Strategy
  • China is once again looking to infrastructure to boost its slowing economy, but ‘development and security must be well coordinated’
  • Commission chaired by President Xi stresses need to enhance critically important technological infrastructure, including supercomputing and artificial intelligence

China’s 11 pioneer real estate investment trusts, backed by infrastructure earnings, are gaining traction as investors seek hedges against stock losses and a broken property market.

Dividend payments by onshore Chinese companies likely to exceed 1 trillion yuan for financial year 2021 for the first time, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence.


Wealthy investors in Asia-Pacific are ploughing more capital into private markets to improve returns, more aggressive than their peers in North America and Europe.


Exchange traded funds tracking gold prices have outperformed equity benchmarks in Hong Kong and the US as war in Ukraine looms and the VIX ‘fear gauge’ jumps.


Hong Kong-based CSOP Asset Management will debut the city’s first metaverse thematic ETF as it seeks to pick winning stocks in the next generation of the web.

Respondents also reported increased investment amounts and a higher risk tolerance this year, indicating the negative impact of Covid-19 is fading, according to a survey commissioned by US brokerage Charles Schwab.

ETF managers gained handsomely this year from backwardation, the market condition where oil futures trade below the expected spot price in a downwards sloping futures curve.

The latest investment by Tencent and its biggest shareholder gives the two internet giants a greater foothold in Europe’s fast-growing web-based trading sector.


The Berkshire Hathaway CEO has requested his basic annual package remain unchanged for the past 40 decades – he might breakfast at McDonald’s, but enjoys his fair share of perks too

Speaking in an interview with Bloomberg TV Monday night, Wood said the market is experiencing a rotation out of high-growth companies and into value stocks that is “happening very quickly” and is a sign of the bull market broadening.