New York City
  • The exodus from the Big Apple due to the pandemic is reversing as residents return to the city’s wealthier neighbourhoods – and they’re keen to buy their own properties
  • Condo contracts are on the rise: supertall residential building Brooklyn Tower boasts amenities from poolside lounges to coworking spaces while Front & York offers resort-style flats

From Britney Spears’ New York City penthouse for US$7 million to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space mansion, sold at half the asking price, the taste of fame could be yours ... at a discount

Seniors with money to burn are splashing out on luxury retirement living options offering five-star hotel amenities that help make the twilight years those to really remember

After years of trying to sell his apartment in the toxic former president’s trademark tower, Ronaldo’s lavish Big Apple home has finally sold – but at an eye-watering loss

Far from being heir to a US$67 million fortune like her alter ego Anna Delvey, Sorokin is claiming to be poor, while her lawyers have argued her Inventing Anna Netflix payoff and fame means she should stay in the US

From her New York street style to the ultrasound machine her dad Tom Cruise bought when she was a baby, here’s what you need to know about his and Katie Holmes’ fashionista daughter …

Before the Netflix hit, the real life journalist wrote the article that inspired Jennifer Lopez’ Hustlers and framed her email ‘scolding’ from Shonda Rhimes

The fake German socialite from the hit series Inventing Anna wanted 281 Park Avenue South for her foundation, so what makes this building so historic and who owns and uses it today?

Combining two units into one mega penthouse sounds like a dream, but the LA-based couple say they are just too busy with their careers in music, TV, cooking and retail to manage the project

Homeless man charged with second-degree murder after shoving the 40-year-old Michelle Alyssa Go to her death beneath a Times Square subway train.


Yao Pan Ma died on December 31, eight months after being knocked to the ground and repeatedly kicked in the head in an attack that drew national attention as part of a rise in anti-Asian hate crimes.

The subpoenas from the office of Attorney General Letitia James are part of her civil investigation into the former US president’s business practices and namesake company.

From US$200 for French fries to US$10,000 for a home-delivered pizza, would you try these everyday comfort foods with an eye-watering price tag?


A US$200 plate of fries from New York restaurant Serendipity 3 has broken the Guinness World Record for the most expensive French fries.


While prices dip in New York, London and Hong Kong, luxury real estate in China is soaring – with prime homes in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou gaining faster than in any other city on the planet

The 61-year-old victim was collecting cans in East Harlem, New York when he was attacked from behind, knocked to the ground and kicked in the head.


From the Central Park ice rinks to the Empire State Building, Trump has owned all these iconic NYC landmarks – how many tourists would stop visiting if they realised?

New Yorkers are visiting city landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and the 9/11 Memorial, taking advantage of the lack of crowds as the coronavirus pandemic keeps most tourists away.

A Brazilian luxury hotel group has made a stealth entry to New York, opening what it says is a members-only club on Fifth Avenue whose suites and duplexes offer views of Central Park Zoo and the Upper East Side. Prices start at US$100,000 a month.

What if Netflix’s Bling Empire hit New York City? Here’s our dream cast list, from billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife Wendi Deng Murdoch to Instagram-famous Ezra J. William