NGOs in China
  • Hong Kong-based GX Foundation sends medical teams to perform cataract surgery in developing countries from Djibouti to Laos
  • China’s SOEs step in to provide crucial support for patients, which generates goodwill among locals, says chief executive Emily Chan Ying-yang

Readers discuss Hong Kong’s difficulty in retaining native English teachers, questions around how NGOs spend their money and using barges as a solution to the city’s housing woes.


She’s an entrepreneur behind two wellness brands, an NGO founder and the MD of a wealth management company while being a mother of three – so how does Belinda Koo do it all?

Task force recommends keeping in place controversial mechanism for deciding annual subsidies blamed for enriching top executives, but they will be required to disclose their pay.

David Begbie, director of Hong Kong-based non-profit Crossroads Foundation, talks about running refugee simulations at the World Economic Forum in Davos and having an epiphany in Macedonia.

Civil affairs ministry tells public to be alert for unregistered bodies trying to raise funds in the run-up to the party’s centenary later this year.


Out of work, short of money and unable to fly home, yet facing big hospital bills for giving birth in Hong Kong, pregnant domestic helpers find sanctuary in a shelter run by a charity.

A Hong Kong native who led Greenpeace China and WWF China, Lo Sze-ping looks back at 20 years of progress in China on environmental protection and conservation, and considers the huge challenges it still faces.

At the age of 37, Peter Leung had run out of hope. Homeless and destitute, he heard about ImpactHK, a Hong Kong charity helping vagrants, and suddenly he was given a second chance.

Children are incredible and resilient in ways adults can definitely learn from, but a little more parental interaction will go a long way to support them as they transition into the Covid-19 “new normal”.


Many of Hong Kong’s elderly people suffering loneliness were already getting insufficient social contact, but with the pandemic making things worse, charities are coming together to keep some of the city’s most vulnerable connected.

Frederique Bedos’ NGO, Le Projet Imagine – The Humble Heroes, has made more than 30 films about people who’ve made a difference. In an era of fake news, she is seeking real heroes in Hong Kong and China whose stories she can tell.

Founded by American teenager Chance Wilson when he was just 14, WGI operates in seven countries to help improve English literacy among both the young and old

Swiss woman Katharina Zellweger, a Stanford visiting fellow and long-term Hong Kong resident, talks about her decades visiting the reclusive country, her new NGO and her North Korean poster collection

Abigail Anderson and ­Bingjie Turner lived in an orphanage in Qinghai run by a Hong Kong charity before being adopted. They returned to bring attention to those who aren’t adopted and who struggle when they leave the home

Hongkongers donate generously at times of natural calamity, less so to help victms of silent disasters such as protracted conflicts. The Red Cross is aiming to change that by bringing the ‘war’ to them