• This recipe uses calamansi, the small citrus fruit from the Philippines that packs a big punch, balanced by crème fraîche
  • Because of their size you need about 30 for this tart, and you’ll need to juice them by hand

Tender, moist and rich, sweetbreads are well worth the time and effort to prepare them properly, but they’re probably not very good for you if you suffer from high cholesterol.


Making home-cured bacon is a skill worth mastering. We give you the basics – the seasonings and type of sugar you use is up to you. The process takes about a week.

What doesn’t taste better with bacon? The first of these recipes combines it with new potatoes, wine and lashings of unctuous cheese, the second puts bacon with oysters and onions. Both are easy.

Thailand’s classic hot, sweet and sour flavours are enhanced by bitter melon in a cold yet fiery raw prawn dish. Fry the prawn heads separately following our second recipe.

No celebration in the Philippines is complete without a big plate of lumpia Shanghai, spring rolls that are commonly deep-fried and were first made popular by Chinese settlers.

In Lenôtre’s Ice Creams and Candies, French pastry chef Gaston Lenôtre demystifies desserts and shows you how to make them at home. Just use the best ingredients, he says.

In his cookbook The Cuisine of Jacques Maximin, the French chef promotes a renaissance in southern French cooking that moves beyond the region’s stereotypical pizzas, salade Nicoise and ratatouille.

Larb, originally from Laos, is popular all over Indochina and comes in many versions. This larb moo is made with minced pork and gets a crunch from the toasted rice powder.

Since she watched her grandmother prepare dishes in the family’s outdoor kitchen, Sri Owen has loved the cooking of her native Indonesia. Her book Sri Owen’s Indonesian Food includes favourite recipes from her life.

This dish can be made using leftovers from a roast goose meal. The rendered fat is used to fry the ingredients, which gives them flavour and crispiness. Leftover roast duck can be used in the same way.