Young Post’s Best of the Month Awards for April

  • One reader wrote a letter to Hong Kong’s outgoing leader Carrie Lam, while another shared the lessons she learned from the pandemic
  • This month’s best debater wowed us with her opinions on a fake news law and how lockdown rumours led to widespread panic buying
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Who will win Best of the Month for April? Photo: Shutterstock

So many exciting things happened in April, including the resumption of face-to-face lessons (finally!) All of us at Team YP would like to thank you for your trust and friendship during these ups and downs. After examining our many great submissions last month, we have picked some winners. Congratulations to all!

Best Letter

Congratulations to Lo Wai-ying from Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School for winning Best Letter, in which she discusses the appeal of sorrowful ballads like Olivia Rodrigo’s driver’s licence in a society that does not encourage people to deal with negative feelings. Like she said, we all need to work together to create a kind, open-minded community that does not shame those who need emotional support.

Kelly Lin Ka-yee from HKMA KS Lo College impressed us with her letter about her reflections during the school closures at the start of the pandemic, where she learns how to appreciate her classmates and even the tasteless canteen food. It’s a lesson we’ve all learned recently: to not take anything for granted, and to count the small blessings in life.

Best Face Off

Valerie Chiu from Holy Angels Canossian School is the best debater this month with her arguments on why Hong Kong should introduce a law to combat fake news. She used the example of the city’s recent panic buying to illustrate the impact of fake news on society – a timely scenario that is still fresh in our memory.

Most creative

Sammy Chan Sum-yi from SKH St Mary’s Church Mok Hing Yiu College wrote a sincere letter to the city’s outgoing leader Carrie Lam about her resignation. Her comments on the measures to beat the fifth wave won her the most creative award. We heard you!

Most engaged school

Tak Nga Secondary School made more than 40 submissions to our Top 10 and Your Voice sections in April, and seven of them were published. Thank you teachers and students from Tak Nga. Keep it up!

Winners will receive a certificate and a special YP notebook to encourage them in their writing journeys. We will be in touch with them.

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