Chris White

A decade ago, the global recession created a maritime car park of ghost ships in the Singapore Strait. Now there’s a similar stockpiling of ships, but it’s more like a traffic jam, created by burgeoning demand.

As street food vendors across most of Asia face an unappetising future, Singapore’s hawkers are winning Michelin stars and being put forward for Unesco recognition. That must be one super secret ingredient ...


Taking the lead from their US counterparts, the truckers of Singapore, Japan and South Korea are taking a middle road between high-end restaurants and cheap street vendors

US immigrant Ted Ngoy built a dynasty of flour and sugar that changed the fate of hundreds of his fellow countrymen seeking a better life. A sudden addiction took it all away, but it left him all the wiser decades later.

Seoul’s Teach North Korean Refugees has taught 350 escapees language skills and supported them with jobs, scholarships and college placements.

Promoted as the answer to the ills of modern-day living in Seoul, the development is overdue, overpriced and underpopulated. ‘A Chernobyl-like emptiness’, as one critic puts it.