Delle Chan
Delle Chan
Delle Chan is a Singapore-born, London-based writer and editor with over seven years of experience in travel and lifestyle media. She has contributed to publications such as The Guardian, CNN Travel, National Geographic Traveller Food, Wired UK, AFAR, DestinAsian and more. View her work at

A growing crop of London restaurants are dishing up authentic Chinese food, from barbecued pork and soup dumplings to traditional vegan fare. It’s a far cry from the greasy takeaway food Britons are used to.

Hong Kong people who recently migrated to Britain and feel homesick this Mid-Autumn Festival will still have their pick of some tasty mooncakes, and can join in Chinese community festivities.

The hotel, newly opened in London’s financial district, serves authentic Southeast Asian food, such as chilli crab, mee siam and Hainanese chicken rice.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans to send civilians into low-Earth orbit this year. Virgin Galactic is training space travellers. Companies aim to open hotels in space, and offer space day trips, within a few years. We assess the state of play in the nascent space tourism industry.


Sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs), made from things like plants and recycled cooking oil, are making their way into the world’s aeroplanes, but there are many barriers to overcome.

Singapore food tech start-up Sophie’s Bionutrients produces a protein flour from microalgae that can be used to make meat analogues. It packs more protein, and takes less space to grow, than the legumes in plant-based meat substitutes.

Treadmills, spin bikes, kettlebells, weights – people in hotel quarantine are hiring exercise equipment to keep up their fitness routines and relieve boredom.


Originating from a small food stall in China’s Guizhou province, Lao Gan Ma – known in the US as ‘chilli crisp’ – now has fans around the world ranging from chefs to critics to celebrities.

Stacey Fong is attempting to capture the essence of each US state in pies both sweet and savoury: Delaware’s filling is peach custard, while Tennessee’s is biscuits, pork sausages and gravy.

Airlines are tackling food waste by offering incentives to passengers who opt out of meals before they fly, and using AI to analyse consumption trends. Some, like Cathay Pacific, donate to food kitchens where laws allow it.

It’s been a tough year for Boracay’s tourist industry, but despite hopes of more visitors over the holiday season, the future still looks bleak for businesses there.

When the Covid-19 pandemic is over, many of us will want a holiday, and research shows that time spent beside lakes, beaches and rivers improve our mood and well-being. So forget city breaks and head for the water.

London suburb Mill Hill is being marketed as the UK capital’s ‘own unique take on Kowloon Tong’ but how similar is it really to the affluent Hong Kong neighbourhood?

The people of Boracay are struggling as it shuts down for the second time in two years. The Philippine island’s resilient resort and bar owners are adjusting to a slower pace of life but there is a limit to how long they can last before business returns.