Hana Davis
Hana Davis

Once known as the Hollywood of the East, the city’s cinema has taken a hit in recent decades, with imported Hollywood films besting local fare at the box office.

A confluence of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, southern Chinese folk religions still thrive in the city. Festivals, temples and even the names of neighbourhoods venerate the likes of Tin Hau, Wong Tai Sin and more.

Fatal case on bustling street in January calls to mind hair-raising phenomenon where besides looking left and right before crossing roads, one may want to consider looking up.

Some of the most beloved snacks in the city have amusingly incongruous names, but this has not stopped them from winning the hearts of millions across the world.

From Canto-pop’s birth to the ‘Heavenly Kings’ and a shift to mainland productions and K-pop, the city’s showbiz scene has ups and downs to rival its colourful history.

With infants undergoing admissions interviews at just three years old, the rigorous approach to education begins long before children reach the schools usually blamed for it.

City Weekend explores the history of the Fire Services Department and the cases its tireless heroes have tackled over the decades. Recent HKU survey shows firefighters are city’s most beloved disciplinary force.

From sub-zero conditions on Tai Mo Shan to unique rock formations at the Geopark and a monkey kingdom in Kam Shan, some 40 per cent of city’s land area is set aside for Mother Nature. But how long will these stay safe from development?

From a polar vortex in the United States, to searing heat in Australia, and the hottest Lunar New Year on record in Hong Kong, extreme weather events are becoming increasingly frequent around the world.