Sarah Heller

A wine expert finds that when buying online, Chinese consumers are faced with a deluge of information from price and origin, to more obscure facts like the ‘sobering up time’

A desire to balance the simple enjoyment factor with imparting knowledge lies behind bar’s focus on by-the-glass basic and vintage offerings mixed with a modest list of bottles from diverse sources, including Bordeaux and Bulgaria

If you could take reds, whites, rosés, sparkling, sweet, and fortified wines – no more than two from each category – to a new planet, from which seven regions would you take them? Writer’s selection has some surprises

Hong Kong’s Debra Meiburg set up a wine events and communications business but auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, supermarkets and classic wine merchants also can offer jobs


Which elements of an online wine advert matter most to buyers, Master of Wine candidate investigates as she tackles final leg of exhaustive qualification process by writing research paper

An ecstatic Sarah Heller passes her MW exam and although it seems the worst is over, it is still a stage she is going through An ecstatic Sarah Heller passes her MW exam and although it seems the worst is over, it is still a stage she is going through

Having finally got through her professional exams after years of study, it took a visit to the Italian city where she first encountered nebbiolo, ‘the genius grape’, to reignite Sarah Heller’s passion

Missing a Bordeaux in an MW exam is like missing Groucho’s lines in a Marx Brothers’ movie, or failing to find “x” in a quadratic equation – but it happens

My deep-seated distaste for such tastings may have something to do with my humbling first 'blinding', but for most tasters the best they'll do anyway is make a logical guess as to a wine's origin

Qualifying exams test your wine tasting, ability to research, and knowledge of the wine industry from vineyard to supermarket shelf - but not wine regions, wine brands nor even how to open a bottle of wine

You can name a wine after its grape, where it comes from, or both, as in Argentine malbec. While there's a risk of promoting uniformity, regions that don't do this, such as Chile, lack signature wines.

Millennials are among the most maligned and marketed-to groups. Employers bemoan their sense of entitlement, laziness and constant demands for feedback while marketers wet themselves at the prospect of selling to them en masse. Having partied like it's 1999 in braces, spectacles and the company of my parents, I suppose I am a millennial. However, I don't pretend for a moment to represent the millennial wine drinker. Having joined the wine trade seven years ago, I've had access to wines that are way above my pay grade.

The prerequisite for being a wine collector is simply the act of accumulating bottles for later consumption. A Rolls-Royce is not required; however, a genuine enjoyment of wine is. My suggestions relate to wine collecting for drinking; those investing for profit will find no lack of advice elsewhere.

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