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F. C. Lor / Rating: 56

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 8 yrs / NZ
Owner: Kenneth Lam Yiu-kin, Rudolf Tam Kai-chung & Ching Pak-chung
Last win: 23-03-22
Health: Unacceptable performance. (16/02/2020) Blood abnormality. (15/11/2021) Eight years of age or above at season end. (04/08/2022)
Sire: Per Incanto
Dam: Waiana Gold

Past Performances
Total Starts: 39: (3-5-4)
ST 1000m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 5 (0-1-2)
ST 1400m: 9 (1-3-1)
HV 1000m: 4 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 18 (2-1-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
19-10-22106HV tf g/f B120045F. C. Lor133Z. Purton2CP/TTMELBOURNE HALLHERO STARSUCCESS FIGHTER1:09:6924.1123.85 22.37 24.06 3-3-53.751113585.94.8
28-09-2250HV tf g C120044F. C. Lor132M. F. Poon5CP/TTHERCULESEXUBERANTHAPPY TANGO1:10:0523.5923.84 22.86 23.51 5-4-411098588.99.4
14-09-2215HV tf g/f A120047F. C. Lor132M. F. Poon6CP/TTOUR CLASS ACTHARDLY SWEARSSHINING FORTUNE1:10:1723.4924.73 22.67 23.19 9-10-72.51085581217
13-07-22820HV tf g/f B120044F. C. Lor134Z. Purton4CP/TTSUGAR SUGARTOUCH FAITHTAKE WHAT YOU NEED1:09:6923.3324.16 22.72 23.33 8-7-43.251104585.83.5
06-07-22802HV tf g A120047F. C. Lor135B. Shinn11CP/TTWIND SPEEDERHARMONY N HOMEGEM OF SOUTH CHINA1:09:7023.8224.23 22.37 23.60 9-9-73.251111607.38.7
19-06-22759ST tf g A140035F. C. Lor115H. W. Lai7CP/TTSAUVESTREKA YING EXCELLENTMR ASCENDENCY1:21:5023.2135.91 22.78 23.317-7-7-53.251110612368
05-06-22728ST tf g C100035F. C. Lor113H. W. Lai11CP/TTALCARIRUN RUN COOLMETRO WARRIOR0:55:1122.1813.09 20.32 22.16 5-7-531111613366
25-05-22701HV tf g C100037F. C. Lor115A. Badel5CP/TTEQUALETTA BLITZADIOSHONG KONG BET0:56:6222.5713.04 21.49 22.68 6-6-73.751115621617
27-04-22615HV tf g C+3100034F. C. Lor115A. Badel4CP/TTWHIZZ KIDSPECIAL MJOYFUL WIN0:56:2722.4813.17 21.42 22.03 7-7-42.251108623130
20-04-22597HV tf g C120035F. C. Lor120K. Teetan3CP/TTNAMJONG SINGSRISING FROM ASHESNEVER TOO SOON1:09:4822.6024.37 22.95 22.76 4-4-53.751119627.85.4
23-03-22525HV tf y C+3120041F. C. Lor129B. Shinn1CP/TT1TRIPLE TRIPLESTORMTROUPERSTREET SCREAM1:11:0724.1224.07 23.28 23.72 4-5-10.751122566.64.8
09-03-22486HV tf g B120045F. C. Lor133M. Chadwick3CPJOYFUL MOODSTREET SCREAMFLAMING EAGLE1:10:0023.4724.07 22.82 23.35 5-5-51.511245787.2
16-02-22429HV tf g C120043F. C. Lor131M. Chadwick4CPKILLER INSTINCTCIRCUIT BOOMINGTRIPLE TRIPLE1:10:0023.7723.97 22.62 23.59 4-6-311118577.310
26-01-22371HV tf g/f C+3120046F. C. Lor132H. Bentley6CPCIRCUIT BOOMINGMEGA BONUSWIND SPEEDER1:09:9122.7324.59 23.27 22.61 6-6-63.51107599.212
27-12-21288ST tf g A+31000312F. C. Lor116M. Chadwick9CPCARROLL STREETCORDYCEPS SIXALCARI0:56:6722.9513.08 21.16 23.28 5-10-125.251120612959
01-12-21220HV tf g A100039F. C. Lor116M. F. Poon6CPJOYFUL WINDECISIVE TWELVEMEGA HEART0:57:1423.2212.86 21.62 24.45 4-6-911.251110637.511
20-10-21109HV tf g/f C100034F. C. Lor118M. F. Poon8XB-/CPHARMONY N BLESSEDHARMONY FIRESERGEANT PEPPER0:56:7022.9312.88 21.53 22.58 9-7-41.751096641725
15-09-2135HV tf g/f C120037F. C. Lor119M. F. Poon9CP/XBCLASSIC POSHCOLONELSTOICISM1:09:3622.8825.22 22.34 22.27 11-11-731089644314
09-06-21746HV tf g B120038F. C. Lor116M. L. Yeung5XB/CP2MCLUCKYSIGHT SUCCESSLOVING A BOOM1:09:9523.5424.00 22.85 23.83 4-4-84.51074673044
26-05-21708HV tf g/f C120039F. C. Lor120M. F. Poon3CP-/XB1SPARKLING DRAGONLOVING A BOOMEXUBERANT1:09:2123.3723.62 22.58 23.50 5-5-931078691721
28-04-21628HV tf g/f C+3120038F. C. Lor123M. F. Poon4CPSNAP FITCALIFORNIA CONCORDSPARKLING DRAGON1:09:9723.3524.02 22.84 23.54 2-4-82.751076706.45.6
28-03-21538ST tf g/f A+3100034F. C. Lor125M. F. Poon10CPWINNER METHODBRILLIANT FORTUNEMETRO WARRIOR0:55:2421.8913.36 20.27 22.30 9-5-44.251077702119
03-03-21477HV tf g A1200310F. C. Lor121M. F. Poon12CPWIND N GRASSJAZZ STEEDEXCELLENT CHARIOT1:09:6923.4223.96 22.39 24.34 2-2-106.25110070149.4
03-02-21400HV tf g A120031F. C. Lor114M. F. Poon1CPTRIPLE TRIPLEINNER FLAMEAURORA PEGASUS1:09:3423.0223.95 22.57 22.82 4-3-11.751104624.73.4
13-01-21342HV tf g B120032F. C. Lor113M. F. Poon8CPHANDSOME BO BOTRIPLE TRIPLEHARRIER JET1:09:7723.0024.38 22.91 22.71 6-6-21.51101621127
01-01-21312ST tf g B+2120032F. C. Lor113M. F. Poon2CPSEA OF LIFETRIPLE TRIPLEBIG FORTUNE1:09:2622.5424.44 22.52 22.47 4-3-21.25110561107.5
22-11-20206ST tf g/f B+2140043F. C. Lor133Z. Purton7V-/CP1HALL OF CHAMPSPEED FAY FAYTRIPLE TRIPLE1:21:5324.2034.82 22.87 23.926-8-6-30.51089605.54.7
18-10-20115ST tf g/f B+2120043F. C. Lor133Z. Purton3VSUPER RED DRAGONONE HAPPY STARTRIPLE TRIPLE1:09:0723.1723.89 22.17 23.24 3-3-31.51082604.83.3
27-09-2063ST tf g A120035F. C. Lor115M. L. Yeung5B-/V1BIG FORTUNEPRESIDENT'S CHOICEBIZ POWER1:08:9523.2724.02 21.90 23.42 4-4-52.51067622314
09-09-2017HV tf g B120038F. C. Lor116J. Moreira8B1CALIFORNIA RADHARDLY SWEARSVICTORY POWER1:09:3023.3623.73 22.21 24.10 3-1-84.5106362137.7
01-07-20781ST tf g/f C140042F. C. Lor133Z. Purton6 LEADING FORTUNETRIPLE TRIPLESMART WONGCHOY1:21:4523.1935.61 22.97 22.884-6-6-2SH 1052608.14.9
17-05-20668ST tf g/f C+31400311F. C. Lor109C. Wong10 PICKENHIGH RISE SOLDIERLOBO'S LEGEND1:21:0323.0635.14 23.11 24.042-3-4-1181040612226
19-04-20592ST tf g C+3140037F. C. Lor115K. Teetan9 MIGHTY GIANTSMOOTHIESMONSTER KAKA1:21:1223.6535.02 23.13 23.648-5-4-74.251056617.613
22-03-20512ST tf g A140042F. C. Lor133N. Callan1 TUNG WAH GLORYTRIPLE TRIPLEHEZA BEAUTY1:21:7623.4035.51 23.01 23.354-4-3-20.751058598.613
16-02-20420ST tf g A1400414F. C. Lor130J. Moreira11 MIGHTY GIANTMY WINNERSUPER WINNER1:22:2823.9634.96 23.60 25.625-4-4-14121062598.76.1
11-01-20329ST tf g A140042F. C. Lor132J. Moreira6 GOLDEN FOURTRIPLE TRIPLECIRCUIT HASSLER1:22:8823.1036.63 23.55 22.793-4-3-20.51058584.74.1
08-12-19227ST tf g A140041F. C. Lor128J. Moreira10 TRIPLE TRIPLEFANTASTIC SHOWIRON KING1:22:1124.0035.09 23.42 23.606-5-5-1SH1060535.56.7
17-11-19170ST tf g B120043F. C. Lor128H. Bowman4 SIMPLY SPECTACULARLUCKY GUYTRIPLE TRIPLE1:09:6322.5024.76 22.65 22.36 7-5-30.751061521110
03-11-19143ST tf g/f C+31200412F. C. Lor129W. L. Ho8 FRESH POWERBREEZE OF SPRINGON EXCEL STAR1:09:1123.1023.67 22.58 24.36 3-4-129.51077526.211

HKJC Comment

Stumbled at the start but recovered to get nice run 1,1 in middle stages. Straightened in third position when about 4L from run-away leader but could only maintain deficit to the line.