Ana Salvá

Female genital mutilation is considered a violation of human rights by the UN, and is illegal in many countries. The procedure still happens in Singapore, where an estimated 60 per cent of Malay women have been cut.

Scientists released mosquitoes less able to transmit viruses into local populations in Indonesia, with results suggesting the technique could eradicate dengue fever.

The next big food revolution is here: 3D-printed meals that look and taste like the real thing, but are easy to eat for people who have difficulty swallowing, picky children or those with specific nutritional requirements.

As part of our series on the experiences of Covid-19 survivors around the world, a city council consultant in Barcelona thanks public health for healing her.


Hundreds of women and children are abused each year – and that’s just the ones who report it, as social stigma and police inaction keeps sufferers silent.

Despite its international reputation as a haven for members of the LGBT community, growing up trans in Thailand can be tough – as Ari’s story shows