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KA YING STAR (C198) 嘉應之星

A. S. Cruz / Rating: 110

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 8 yrs / GB
Owner: Leung Shek-kong
Last win: 13-03-21
Health: Unacceptable performance. (26/02/2023) Lame right front leg. (05/04/2021) Lame left fore. (04/04/2023)
Sire: Cityscape
Dam: Casual Glance

Past Performances
Total Starts: 47: (4-11-7)
ST 1400m: 7 (0-3-0)
ST 1600m: 24 (4-5-5)
ST 1800m: 6 (0-1-2)
ST 2000m: 7 (0-1-0)
ST 2400m: 1 (0-1-0)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
26-02-23451ST tf g/f A+32000G17A. S. Cruz126J. McDonald7V/TTGOLDEN SIXTYROMANTIC WARRIORMONEY CATCHER1:59:9824.1472.71 23.65 27.114-2-2-6-721.7511571123053
05-02-23394ST tf g B+21800G33A. S. Cruz131L. Ferraris5V/TTSENOR TOBARUNNING GLORYKA YING STAR1:48:3722.7563.09 22.57 22.932-2-2-2-31.25116711288.2
11-12-22240ST tf g A2000G18A. S. Cruz126L. Ferraris9V/TTROMANTIC WARRIORDANON THE KIDMONEY CATCHER1:59:7023.4572.54 23.71 24.902-2-2-1-8911641143599
20-11-22185ST tf g/f B+22000G24A. S. Cruz123L. Ferraris5V/TTROMANTIC WARRIORTOURBILLON DIAMONDSENOR TOBA1:59:2323.0773.11 23.21 23.302-2-2-2-42.511681152558
06-11-22146ST tf g C+31800G310A. S. Cruz135L. Ferraris1V/TTMONEY CATCHERBEAUTY JOYSENOR TOBA1:46:3423.1760.54 23.19 24.626-7-7-6-1012.511841171116
16-10-22100ST tf g/f A+31600G24A. S. Cruz129L. Ferraris1V/TTCALIFORNIA SPANGLETOURBILLON DIAMONDSAVVY NINE1:33:4122.6947.98 23.02 22.683-3-5-41.7511701171825
19-06-22755ST tf g A1800G37A. S. Cruz133L. Ferraris6V/TTTOURBILLON DIAMONDTURIN REDSUNBUTTERFIELD1:48:2722.9561.33 23.99 23.781-1-1-1-75.2511441179.27.6
22-05-22687ST tf g A2400G12A. S. Cruz126L. Ferraris8V/TTRUSSIAN EMPERORKA YING STARSENOR TOBA2:26:6723.6299.43 23.62 23.912-2-2-3-1-21.7511421161817
24-04-22612ST tf g/f A2000G14A. S. Cruz126L. Ferraris9V/TTROMANTIC WARRIORTOURBILLON DIAMONDPANFIELD2:00:1322.7474.58 22.89 23.032-3-4-3-42.2511391182854
03-04-22555ST tf g B+21600G210A. S. Cruz123L. Hewitson4V/TTGOLDEN SIXTYRUSSIAN EMPERORSAVVY NINE1:32:9623.1546.84 23.13 23.762-3-2-104.7511531191720
12-03-22491ST tf g C+3160013A. S. Cruz133M. Chadwick1V/TTCHAMPION'S WAYCHEERFUL DAYSKA YING STAR1:33:9822.5249.02 22.60 22.622-2-2-31.7511521204.14.9
20-02-22436ST tf g/y A1400G12A. S. Cruz126M. Chadwick8V/TTWELLINGTONKA YING STARWAIKUKU1:23:5323.4237.22 23.37 23.085-5-6-20.7511511201314
30-01-22381ST tf g A+31800G37A. S. Cruz133K. Teetan2V/TTZEBROWSKIBUTTERFIELDSAVVY NINE1:46:6323.3859.97 23.28 23.861-1-1-1-7311451221111
05-01-22312HV tf g A1800G37A. S. Cruz133C. Y. Ho6V/TTZEBROWSKISUNNY STARSAVVY NINE1:48:2524.7460.93 23.94 24.288-8-8-9-75.75115312479.9
12-12-21250ST tf g A2000G110A. S. Cruz126M. Chadwick6V/TTLOVES ONLY YOUHISHI IGUAZURUSSIAN EMPEROR2:00:6623.0774.35 23.24 24.511-2-1-1-10911511171322
21-11-21194ST tf g B+22000G22A. S. Cruz123M. Chadwick6V/TTRELIABLE TEAMKA YING STARGLORIOUS DRAGON2:03:8621.8179.25 22.88 21.775-2-2-2-2N 11541257.26.6
07-11-21155ST tf g C+31800G32A. S. Cruz132M. Chadwick4V/TTTOURBILLON DIAMONDKA YING STARRELIABLE TEAM1:46:0223.1359.93 23.12 22.983-2-2-2-2SH 11571251014
17-10-21101ST tf g B+21600G25A. S. Cruz131M. Chadwick3V/TTPANFIELDPRECIOUSSHIPTOURBILLON DIAMOND1:34:4022.7748.63 23.00 22.921-1-1-5111431251015
30-05-21711ST tf g/f B1600G36A. S. Cruz133Z. Purton2V/TTSKY DARCIHEALTHY HAPPYNOT USUAL TALENT1:33:4522.0048.55 22.90 22.751-1-1-64.7511221257.67.6
25-04-21619ST tf g A1600G15A. S. Cruz126Z. Purton6V/TTGOLDEN SIXTYMORE THAN THISSOUTHERN LEGEND1:33:4522.5247.81 23.20 23.072-2-3-5411241171615
05-04-21557ST tf g B+21600G2WDA. S. Cruz123Z. PurtonV/TTMIGHTY GIANTSOUTHERN LEGENDMORE THAN THIS1:35:0622.46 11191254.4 
13-03-21499ST tf g C+3160011A. S. Cruz133Z. Purton4V/TTKA YING STARMORE THAN THISCHAMPION'S WAY1:33:6322.3648.56 22.75 22.322-2-3-1N11221233.34.6
21-02-21443ST tf g A+31400G15A. S. Cruz126Z. Purton8V/TTWAIKUKUSOUTHERN LEGENDMIGHTY GIANT1:20:7822.2035.68 22.90 22.512-1-1-5211191235.95.8
24-01-21370ST tf g A+31600G13A. S. Cruz126Z. Purton1V/TTGOLDEN SIXTYSOUTHERN LEGENDKA YING STAR1:33:3522.2048.61 22.54 22.341-1-1-30.7511301232615
01-01-21313ST tf g B+21400G35A. S. Cruz133C. Schofield7V/TTCHAMPION'S WAYSKY DARCIMIGHTY GIANT1:20:9922.7135.45 22.91 23.414-3-2-54.7511381241129
13-12-20264ST tf g A1600G18A. S. Cruz126C. Schofield9V/TTGOLDEN SIXTYSOUTHERN LEGENDADMIRE MARS1:33:4522.4147.94 23.14 24.141-1-2-81111351184828
22-11-20205ST tf g/f B+21600G22A. S. Cruz123C. Schofield2V/TTGOLDEN SIXTYKA YING STARSOUTHERN LEGEND1:32:9122.2947.86 22.76 22.531-1-1-21.51143125219.9
18-10-20117ST tf g/f B+21600G22A. S. Cruz126C. Schofield1V/TTGOLDEN SIXTYKA YING STARSOUTHERN LEGEND1:33:3722.0548.54 22.78 22.141-1-1-20.511461235546
27-09-2062ST tf g A1400G310A. S. Cruz126C. Schofield3V/TTGOLDEN SIXTYBEAUTY GENERATION, CHAMPION'S WAY 1:20:5422.4335.41 22.82 23.621-1-3-108.2511441231210
31-05-20707ST tf g B1600G31A. S. Cruz129C. Schofield5V/TTKA YING STARSOUTHERN LEGENDFAST MOST FURIOUS1:32:9522.7847.77 22.40 22.781-1-1-1N11271216.26.5
26-04-20608ST tf g A1600G16A. S. Cruz126A. Hamelin1V/TTSOUTHERN LEGENDBEAUTY GENERATIONWAIKUKU1:33:1322.1147.70 23.32 23.061-1-1-6611181216.99.6
05-04-20547ST tf g B+21600G22A. S. Cruz123C. Schofield3V/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONKA YING STARSOUTHERN LEGEND1:33:4922.7448.07 22.68 22.821-1-1-20.511221211010
14-03-20498ST tf g C+3160018A. S. Cruz133Z. Purton10B-/V1/TTSIMPLY BRILLIANTHARMONY VICTORYENCOURAGING1:33:6722.5148.26 23.02 22.632-2-2-81.511261214.12.8
16-02-20423ST tf g A1400G12A. S. Cruz126J. Spencer7B/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONKA YING STARHOT KING PRAWN1:21:6422.7135.74 23.31 22.682-2-3-20.511171161118
19-01-20346ST tf g A+31600G13A. S. Cruz126K. Teetan3B/TTWAIKUKUBEAUTY GENERATIONKA YING STAR1:33:0422.7847.22 23.12 23.412-2-2-34.511151161215
01-01-20300ST tf g C1400G35A. S. Cruz129K. Teetan2CP-/B1/TTGOLDEN SIXTYFAT TURTLECHAMPION'S WAY1:20:7022.7035.25 22.75 23.401-1-1-54.2511311175.67.5
08-12-19233ST tf g A1600G19A. S. Cruz126K. Teetan1CP/TTADMIRE MARSWAIKUKUBEAUTY GENERATION1:33:2522.4648.00 22.79 23.131-1-2-94.2511291129.47.9
17-11-19175ST tf g/f B1600G22A. S. Cruz123K. Teetan4CP/TTWAIKUKUKA YING STARBEAUTY GENERATION1:32:8922.5147.44 23.10 22.502-2-2-20.751116114148.4
20-10-19112ST tf g/f A1600G24A. S. Cruz113K. Teetan8CP/TTRISE HIGHWAIKUKUBEAUTY GENERATION1:32:8221.9647.99 22.91 22.321-1-2-42.511161122010
01-10-1964ST tf g/f A+31400G32A. S. Cruz113K. Teetan9CP/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONKA YING STARWAIKUKU1:20:0521.9135.77 22.45 21.991-1-2-21.2511151081113
14-07-19814ST tf g/f A160013A. S. Cruz127C. Y. Ho6CP/TTHARMONY VICTORYTIME TO CELEBRATEKA YING STAR1:32:8222.6247.16 23.20 23.063-3-3-33.7510981084.24.2
02-06-19711ST tf g/f B1600G32A. S. Cruz122C. Y. Ho5CP/TTCHAMPION'S WAYKA YING STARINSAYSHABLE1:35:0022.2548.63 24.12 22.341-1-1-20.511021063.54.6
28-04-19614ST tf g A160021A. S. Cruz129C. Y. Ho11CP/TTKA YING STARHARMONY VICTORYRIGHT CHOICE1:33:9322.8247.91 23.20 22.821-1-1-121099985.94.7
17-04-19591HV tf g B165025A. S. Cruz133C. Y. Ho3CP/TTTURIN REDSTARRIVETRUTHVEN1:39:3224.6350.57 24.84 24.153-5-6-51.51100983.33.3
17-03-19504ST tf g A20004YO10A. S. Cruz126C. Y. Ho2CP1/TTFUROREWAIKUKUSUNNY SPEED2:01:3022.9674.99 23.39 23.731-1-1-2-1051088981214
17-02-19432ST tf g A+318004YO3A. S. Cruz126C. Y. Ho8TTMISSION TYCOONDARK DREAMKA YING STAR1:47:0023.4060.50 23.42 23.392-2-4-3-321079949.713
27-01-19373ST tf g B+216004YO3A. S. Cruz126C. Y. Ho14TTFUROREMISSION TYCOONKA YING STAR1:34:2822.8147.66 23.81 23.211-1-1-32.51080906.57.3
06-01-19321ST tf g C+3160021A. S. Cruz118C. Y. Ho5TT1KA YING STAREASY GO EASY WINFURORE1:35:3122.0348.83 24.45 22.031-1-1-11.751071831729

HKJC Comment

Prominent and wide early, worked his way forward 3-wide around first bend to join the leaders passing 1400 metres, obtained 2-wide position over 1000 metres out, dropped away quickly after straightening.