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SPRING WIN (V157) 春盈

P. F. Yiu / Rating: 62

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 10 yrs / AUS
Owner: Yu Pang-chun & Yu Kwok-chun
Last win: 10-01-18
Health: Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (14/01/2017) Right front medial suspensory ligament injury. (03/10/2016) After being loaded became fractious, got down and out under the front gates. Sustained abrasions and a wound to the wither. Withdrawn from race. (03/04/2016)
Sire: Magic Albert
Dam: Inaname

Past Performances
Total Starts: 29: (2-4-1)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 8 (0-3-1)
ST 1400m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 15 (2-1-0)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
27-02-19455HV tf g/f C+31200410P. F. Yiu114H. N. Wong10BWAH MAY PRINCESSTHE SHOWEVERBRAVE1:09:5122.8225.05 22.92 22.48 12-12-105.751073432462
07-02-19399ST tf g C+3140049P. F. Yiu121M. Harley9B2SPLENDOUR AND GOLDWIN WINCARE FREE PRINCE1:22:8423.2637.27 23.23 23.3110-14-14-961076453648
09-01-19326HV tf g A165048P. F. Yiu118M. F. Poon5B-UNIVERSAL GO GOHAPPY WARRIORCHARITY GRAND1:41:2424.0053.61 24.43 24.248-9-11-86.51070471621
12-12-18247HV tf g C120044P. F. Yiu122N. Callan2BWALDORFNOBLE DELIGHTTRAVEL DATUK1:09:9423.2824.54 22.92 22.94 8-8-42.7510764963.9
28-11-18212HV tf g A1200410P. F. Yiu124O. Murphy10BFEARLESS FIREEVERBRAVETORNADO TWIST1:10:6823.9524.85 22.92 23.75 12-11-105.251077511118
07-11-18156HV tf g B120045P. F. Yiu126U. Rispoli10BPAKISTAN BABYJOLLY BOUNTIFULTHOU SHALL SING1:10:2624.0224.33 22.71 23.65 10-10-52.751098531522
18-10-18101HV tf g C120045P. F. Yiu122H. T. Mo10BJUNZIVERY RICH MANGOOD COMPANION1:10:0123.3124.68 22.90 22.77 9-9-52.251105542335
26-09-1850HV tf g C+31200411P. F. Yiu129N. Callan7BCOUNTRY STARLOVE CHUNGHWABLITZING1:09:6523.0323.96 23.14 23.71 6-8-117.251092561823
04-07-18773HV tf g C+31200411P. F. Yiu128H. N. Wong10BNOBLE DELIGHTTHOU SHALL SINGCAPTAIN BOSS1:10:1323.1624.78 23.11 23.54 10-10-1181061582165
06-06-18710HV tf g A1200412P. F. Yiu128H. N. Wong11BTOP SCOREFORMULA GALOREORIENTAL ELITE1:10:5223.2225.00 22.82 23.94 12-7-127.751052603352
09-05-18639HV tf g/y A120039P. F. Yiu115M. Chadwick7BFAST MOST FURIOUSSHANGHAI MASTERHAPPY COOPERATION1:10:5323.9824.95 22.48 23.86 12-11-94.751053622447
18-04-18582HV tf g B1200310P. F. Yiu114M. L. Yeung4BFAST MOST FURIOUSDOUBLE VALENTINEI'M THE CONQUIST1:09:7322.8724.56 23.06 23.04 7-8-105.751057631814
28-03-18536HV tf g/f C+3120037P. F. Yiu118A. Sanna10BINFINITY ENDEAVOURBOLD STITCHSTORM SIGNAL1:09:2623.2324.62 22.41 22.82 11-11-73.751052639.125
07-03-18482HV tf g A120036P. F. Yiu116J. Moreira12BSMART BOYFAST MOST FURIOUSMOST BEAUTIFUL1:09:6423.4124.69 22.42 22.88 11-11-62.251060636.27.1
07-02-18407HV tf g A120032P. F. Yiu115A. Badel2BCHARITY GLORYSPRING WINSUNNY DRAGON1:10:2323.5624.12 22.91 23.29 5-5-20.51082624.83.6
10-01-18331HV tf g B120041P. F. Yiu127N. Callan2BSPRING WINBINGOTHE SHOW1:10:8823.0224.50 23.56 22.82 4-3-11.7510695464
20-12-17283HV tf g/f C+3120041P. F. Yiu122N. Callan11BSPRING WINPEACE ON EARTHLOOK ERAS1:09:6622.9324.60 22.53 22.53 5-5-1SH1066499.511
05-11-17166ST tf g/f C+3120046P. F. Yiu125B. Prebble3BCONTEAMBITIOUS HEARTHINYUEN SWIFTNESS1:09:5022.2524.41 23.20 22.55 6-6-64.251084498.77.6
24-09-1757ST tf g A120042P. F. Yiu122B. Prebble1BENDEARINGSPRING WINCHEERS CONQUEROR1:09:6523.1624.68 22.33 22.87 8-7-21.51088488.28.6
16-07-17800ST tf g/y C140046P. F. Yiu125K. Teetan2B THE FULL BLOOMSILVERFIELDFIVE STARS AGENT1:23.724.2 36.21 23.71 24.224-5-4-62.51055516.67.6
11-06-17717ST aw g -1200410P. F. Yiu127N. Callan9B SILLY BUDDIESROCHFORDSMART BOY1:09.624.0 24.20 22.66 24.749-10-1012.51051531017
21-05-17663ST tf g C+3120043P. F. Yiu126K. Teetan11B RICHCITY FORTUNEMORDICUSSPRING WIN1:10.323.4 24.97 22.77 23.0110-9-32106653910
14-01-17335ST tf g C+3120046P. F. Yiu129N. Callan1H-/B1ROBUST MOMENTUMFOREVER ACCURATEBOSSIEE1:10.223.2 24.13 23.03 23.515-4-62.51060532.82.7
27-12-16289ST tf g A+3120042P. F. Yiu128N. Callan4H2 SUPER SIXTEENSPRING WINBOSSIEE1:10.324.0 24.15 22.54 23.935-4-21.51070525.26
25-09-1651ST aw g -120048P. F. Yiu124K. Teetan2H- TRILLION TREASUREHELEN'S CHOICEI'M THE WON FOR U1:09.323.3 24.11 22.29 23.725-5-851064529.27.1
10-07-16777ST tf g/f B+2120044P. F. Yiu128K. Teetan4H MULTIMAXD B PINSMILING GLORY1:09.622.9 24.80 22.51 22.625-5-41.7510415276.6
29-05-16668ST tf g A+3120042P. F. Yiu123K. Teetan2H TIANHUANGSPRING WINSMILING GLORY1:09.422.7 24.96 22.41 22.1410-8-2N1038501121
03-04-16530ST tf g B+212004WDP. F. Yiu119K. TeetanH CAREFREE LET GOVICTORY MARVELHOME RUN1:09.622.0  10545026 
06-03-16454ST tf g C120045P. F. Yiu125K. Teetan2H MOMENTUM LUCKYHAPPY FIERY DRAGONSOCKET KING1:09.423.0 24.73 22.65 23.425-5-58.251068523128
17-01-16328ST tf g/y C+3100048P. F. Yiu125K. Teetan9H1 FISH N' CHIPSFLYING MONKEYGALLANT ROCK0:56.823.0 13.76 20.82 23.1811-10-85.51060525679

HKJC Comment

Steadied after the start and shifted back to the tail of the field. Was ridden up passing the 450m when conceding 8 lengths and could make up the ground in final 400m to play a part.