• The ‘only red wave this season’ would be if White House dog Commander knocked over the cranberry sauce, the president said in reference to the midterm results
  • Biden also subtly likened the birds, Chocolate and Chip, to potential challengers in the coming 2024 election

Whether she’s holidaying in Paris or attending official Thanksgiving events at the White House, the US first daughter is always bang on trend – just don’t ask her to decorate a dining table for you

It took just 17 days to go from 50 million cases to 60 million, compared with the 21 days it took to go from 40 million to 50 million.


Two large storms sweeping US, causing widespread problems with 55 million people expected to take to the roads and air on one of year’s busiest travel days.

Before refrigeration and livestock trucks, the only way to get turkeys to market for the holidays was to march the birds to the nearest slaughterhouse.

Gratitude is a way of life, not something that you think about once a year. Psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith explains that life will never be perfect, but it can come pretty close

With Thanksgiving coming on Thursday, followed by Christmas and new year’s celebrations, how can you survive without adding inches to your waistline?

The looseness to Thanksgiving makes it a great platform for Asian-Americans to celebrate and inject their own, sometimes complicated, identities and create dishes that highlight the best of both cultures.

Thanksgiving in the US and Korea is similar in many ways, but there are notable differences between the two harvest festivals. For a start, the Korean Chuseok holiday can reinforce old gender roles and norms.