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Inspired by a Chrissy Teigen social media post about recovery from childbirth, online platform OM enables women to discuss health issues male-centric modern medicine largely ignores.

Shirley Adrain was shocked to learn she had late-stage lung cancer, having never smoked. A regime involving targeted therapy, meditation, adopting a keto diet, and positive thinking is aiding her recovery.

Law firm COO Brian Henderson hid symptoms of mental illness from those closest to him for months. He confided in his doctor and was soon on the road to recovery. Now he has made it his mission to help others.

With Hong Kong teen pregnancy charity Mother’s Choice seeing a staggering increase in calls to its hotline this year, one patron is stepping up as part of a new ‘Our Hong Kong Family’ initiative to encourage the community to help.


If your toes are bumpy, you might have bunions – a foot condition that stars like Oprah Winfrey and Victoria Beckham suffer from, too. They are permanent until surgically removed – but many choose not to go under the knife.

Running, riding horses, and swimming together can bring families closer together – at least, that’s what several families across Hong Kong have discovered about exercising with each other.


Play mahjong, eat a low-calorie, mostly vegetarian diet and have the occasional glass of good red wine – that’s ‘Mama’ Cheng Li’s recipe for living to a good old age.

It is essential for adoptive parents to spend time with their new child to establish a bond and gain trust. Hong Kong laws don’t allow for this, but companies are starting to offer parental leave and flexible hours.

High levels of stress, and long hours, can leave you burned out at work – and women are more likely than men to experience it; there are ways to cope, however, as naturopaths explain. For a start, stop trying to be Superwoman or Superman.

From yoga and kirtan chanting to vegetarian cooking and creative healing art, a series of day-long events aims to provide balance amid Hong Kong’s frenetic pace, and heal and empower participants along the way.

Dr Katie Larson asked friends and family to monitor her for depression after giving birth, because her mother suffered for two decades. Her depression hit a year later and she only realised after a friend had the same symptoms.

Frequently mistaken for being driven by a desire to look good, plastic surgery can also improve a person’s physical and mental health and even alleviate depression. But in many places, procedures still carry a certain taboo.

Having a new baby is ‘like taking an extra 2.5 full-time equivalent job position’, says psychologist Jim Bierman. The pressure combined with exhaustion and different parenting styles can put a huge strain on your relationship.

After breaking her silence on the continued abuse she suffered from her father, Karina Calver embarked on a journey of self-healing and is now vocal on the issue of incest rape – especially in the Indian community

Children can develop their problem-solving skills, resilience and their ability to plan while on holiday. See how some parents ensure their kids make the most out of their trips away.

Early childhood pioneer Caroline Pratt came up with the idea of the wooden blocks as an alternative to the ‘repression of formal education’ in 1913. Modern research shows they help children improve their mathematical skills and pay attention.

Hongkongers tell us about the pressures they face as the festive season nears – end-of-year deadlines, overexcited kids, and the anxiety for everything to be picture perfect. Experts tell us what you can do to take the stress out of Christmas

This weekend’s annual event at Hong Kong Science Park will involve 100 kindergartens and schools, parents and teachers aiming to spread the word that regular exercise and physical fitness matter alongside long hours of study

Today’s children are growing up in a very different world, and some parents are struggling to cope. Schools offer parenting courses to share knowledge and offer non-judgmental advice on raising happy, well-adjusted children

The campaign encourages sexual abuse victims to share their experiences and has given millions the courage to open up. We talk to social workers and other experts about the need for communication and to teach parents how to empower their children to reduce the likelihood of it happening to them

More than one in four Hong Kong students have considered harming themselves or committing suicide, a survey shows. Groups such as The Collective Journey are using alternative methods to improve children’s mental health


Inspired by a series of Post stories in 1986 about Hong Kong’s teen pregnancy problem, four Hongkongers set up a place where single mothers could receive help, acceptance and counselling, and expanded it into a child care home

Discrimination against feeding mothers is still common, and even happened in a hospital trying to achieve Baby Friendly Hospital accreditation; mother uses incident to initiate dialogue about change

Physically active learning bolsters academic success, health and happiness – but selling the benefits to educators who are pushed for results presents challenges

If you live your life through someone else’s you lose your identity and risk deep unhappiness, says wellness coach. Fortunately, many ‘trailing spouses’ find new careers in entrepreneurial Hong Kong

Parents, especially women, who lose their partners often need moral and practical support but don't know where to turn in Hong Kong. A support network called Plan B is helping them get back on their feet.