Guy Haydon

I Nyoman Masriadi’s fascination with superheroes and their exaggerated physiques turned into a signature style, with his paintings mixing ideas including identity, technology and materialism with sarcasm and humour.


Founders of start-up that began operating from a spare bedroom in 2015 set up about to open a state-of-the-art operation in Fo Tan that can turn out 6,000 cans per hour and allows them to vastly expand their range of beers

Founders of start-up that began operating from a spare bedroom in 2015 decided to set up their own state-of-the-art brewery after demand for their beers outstripped supply

Big stars including William Holden, Orson Welles, Clark Gable and Steve McQueen all filmed in Hong Kong in the 1950s and ’60s as US and British studios tried new locations to get Western audiences back into cinemas


Cast in the original 1958 Broadway version of Richard Mason’s best-selling novel, the Star Trek actor says people in the audience kept walking out on the play – until he ordered them to sit back down

‘A thrilling, imaginative experience’, ‘a masterly study of humanity at its best and its worst’ – it’s fair to say Richard Mason’s story of Wong and her fellow Wan Chai ‘yum yum’ bar girls captivated the literary press upon its release

From the moment he discovered his hotel was ‘virtually a brothel’, Mason knew he had his book; six decades later, the tale of sex, prostitution and interracial relationships, and the fame of its heroine, continue to endure


Writer talks about the origin and evolution of his fictional detective character Sonchai Jitpleecheep, his inspiration, and his writing routine.

Osborne's elegant writing, scattered with surprising bursts of violence, takes a satisfyingly firm grip on the reader in this atmospheric novel set in Cambodia.

It has taken eight years for Jan-Philipp Sendker's terrific German-language romantic crime thriller, Whispering Shadows, set in Hong Kong and on the mainland, to appear in English. It has been worth the wait.

American actor Leonardo DiCaprio was apparently so taken with Jo Nesbo's latest story set in Norway, Blood on Snow, that Warner Bros snapped up the film rights for him. It's not difficult to see why.

So you think you're a film buff? As the Oscars ceremony kicks off here are 87 questions to test your Academy Awards knowledge – one for each year of its history. 

We have added five new pictures to Roy Passingham's collection, all taken during an eight-hour stopover; some are easy to spot, such as The Peak and the Clock Tower, but others seem a world apart from today's city.

Prolific author Alexander McCall Smith's African female sleuth, Precious Ramotswe, returns in the 15th instalment of the hugely popular No1 Ladies' Detective Agency series of novels.

He Jiahong, a law professor at Beijing's Renmin University of China, used his real-life experiences while studying for his doctorate at Northwestern University, in the United States, as inspiration for the hero of his detective novels.

British-born author Lee Child and his big, brawny hero Jack Reacher - a former US military policeman turned wanderer who metes out brutal justice to bad guys wherever he travels - both seem to have lost their way. Again.

This really is the end. After 10 novels, a collection of short stories and, finally, this novella, An Event in Autumn, all of Swedish author Henning Mankell's stories featuring the increasingly careworn detective Kurt Wallander have now been published in English.