Kaswar Klasra
Kaswar Klasra

Pakistan has put hospitals and clinics on alert amid fears the thousands of workers who regularly travel between the countries could spread the disease.


During their five-day trip, they visited a girls’ school, witnessed the effects of climate change on mountain communities, and met a resident named after Princess Diana.

‘Tandoor Chai’ – milk tea served in terracotta mugs – is a new spin on a beloved drink, and it’s pulling in crowds at a little tea stall in Islamabad even past midnight.

British media reports of the royal couple following in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana have highlighted security risks but Pakistani observers stress the importance of the trip to bilateral ties.

City officials say the structures, commonly found outside high-rise buildings, are encroaching on government land. But the telecommunications giant says its workers are at risk, given recent attacks on Chinese interests in Pakistan.

The Balochistan Liberation Army has vowed to continue its attacks on Chinese projects and nationals along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, as they fear being turned into a minority in their own province.

The agreement came after months of negotiations between the IMF and Pakistan, whose economy has been teetering due to low growth, soaring inflation, and mounting debt.

Impoverished, vulnerable Christian women are being tricked into marrying foreign men before they are packed off to China and subjected to abuse, forced prostitution, and even organ extraction, police and human rights groups say.

Amid disquiet over deepening China ties, Islamabad mulls the release of Shakil Afridi – who helped the CIA capture and kill the world’s most wanted man – as it seeks a way back into Washington’s embrace.

Efforts to build the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor have not been without setbacks, but it’s hard to argue with a volunteer effort to bring sight back to hundreds of Karachi’s poorest residents