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Pavel Toropov
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Pavel has been contributing to the SCMP since 2016. He writes about sport, outdoor recreation and the environment.

With health benefits ranging from antioxidants to natural antidepressants, these mushrooms – ganba, horn of plenty, monkey head, beefsteak and indigo milk cap – are worth seeking out.

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc chief praises recent ‘outstanding performances’ of Chinese runners at top European races as they look to make another splash at Chamonix in August.

With hundreds of climbing gyms opening across China, and the sport backed financially by the government, Luo Zhilu is aiming for more history after becoming first Chinese boulderer to medal at World Cup.


WBA light heavyweight champ, who became household name with stunning upset of ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, is the latest in a long line of Korean-Russians to excel in elite sport.

If Andy Murray could return to competitive tennis after hip resurfacing, can an ultrarunner go back to running competitively? Pavel Toropov, who underwent surgery last year, describes his efforts to get back in shape.

Lu Chunfeng’s nearly decade-long journey has taken her from making ‘making rice balls and killing salmon’ to joining the ranks of her country’s elite athletes.


With a lack of races at home and in the region, Zhao Jiajiu and Xiang Fuzhao took full advantage to win the men’s and women’s races respectively.

Playing sport intensively, especially as a teenager or young adult, causes excessive wear on the hips and can trigger osteoarthritis, which may require hip resurfacing.

They said the 24-hour running record was unbreakable, before Sorokin attempted it. Now the Lithuanian holds distance and time records throughout extreme ultra running.

The opening of the trail-running festival was marred by the first death of a competitor at the event, before Courtney Dauwalter and Francois D’Haene scored incredible wins in main event.

Helicopter rescue unsuccessful following fall on steep descent from Passeur de Pralognan in France, as Chinese trail running community share condolences after Gansu deaths.

In the wake of the Yellow River Stone Forest 100km tragedy, which claimed the lives of 21 runners, races in mountainous areas, cross-desert, ultra distance and other newly popular sports activities that involve high risk have been suspended.

Parents of children with intellectual disabilities often overfeed them. Love21, a Hong Kong charity, offers low-income families with children in that bracket free advice, cooking classes and medical checks.

Trail runners come in many varieties, from the road runner trying out the mountains to the unknown Chinese runner who sets records then disappears from public view just as fast.

Birding, or birdwatching, in China has become seen as a modern and fun hobby, nowhere more so than in Beijing, which boasts a startling diversity of birds.