The stars of the K-Pop world
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The Korean wave - or hallyu - has swept over the world. South Korea’s K-pop idols are now among the biggest celebrities in the world, with standout stars including BTS members Jungkook and Jimin, and Blackpink’s Lisa and Jennie

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An upgraded Urbtix ticketing facility is long overdue and making purchases for events should be less stressful, but it does not address the problem of scalping.
The success of the Korean show and the broad array of Emmy nominees has been touted as a win for diversity in an often-stale industry. The hope is this opens more doors for non-white actors, diversifies narratives and makes the US more open to other cultures rather than exporting its own.
Having binge-watched Squid Game and Hellbound, Neil Newman has another item to add to his New Year detox list.
The former member of K-pop band Miss A is joined by Kang Han-na and Nam Joo-hyuk as young people hoping to make it bit in the world of start-ups.
The IPO of the management company behind the South Korean boy band has it valued at almost US$8.5bn.
The show, which includes glamorous women in their 50s, fails to live up to its ‘girl power’ trappings, but it has sparked a heated online debate about feminism and ageism in China.
Fans of groups like BTS and Blackpink are known for their effective use of social media but by getting too deeply involved in politics they risk violating the rights of others
The deaths of Sulli and Goo Hara are signs of a deep mental health crisis in East Asia that isn’t talked about enough. To combat it requires more community outreach and specialised resources for reaching specific groups.
Lee Ji-eun stars in all four instalments of the miniseries, each of which is directed by a different acclaimed South Korean filmmaker.
Yonden Lhatoo asks where South Korea is going and what it means for the rest of the world as the country is plagued by one hidden-camera sex scandal after another.
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