Horses have been known to bite people, but rarely does it happen during a race to a rival jockey.

But that was the situation at Happy Valley on Wednesday night when Mister Monte suddenly lost his mind, turned his head to the left and tried to savage Patriot Hero in the run to the line but made contact with Umberto Rispoli instead.

Instinctively, the Italian jockey flailed his whip at Mister Monte to get him to stop.

Stewards ruled that Mister Monte has to barrier trial satisfactorily before being permitted to race again and they also spoke to Rispoli regarding the manner in which he reacted.

Thankfully, no one was hurt and the jockey was able to have some fun with it on social media.

Three years ago, fellow jockey Karis Teetan narrowly escaped having a chunk taken out of his leg when Richard Gibson’s sore loser, Mi Savvy, turned on a temper tantrum, also at Happy Valley.

Savvy turns savage as Suarez syndrome strikes

The same horse also pulled the same stunt in the previous year.