Chinese work culture

How the use of bamboo in scaffolding has stood the test of centuries of building construction in Hong Kong and southern China.

Readers discuss the differences in work values between generations in Hong Kong and the global ripple effects emanating from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Despite China trialing a scheme to allow people to work beyond their official retirement age, 60 for men and 55 for women, many workers over 35 are already finding it difficult to get work.


The employee in his late 20s died after an hour-long workout at a company gym, making him the latest tech worker to reignite online debate about pressures in the industry.

They perform an essential task, moving bulky loads – of household waste and other things – on Hong Kong’s crowded streets, dodging traffic every day. Six photographers set out to draw attention to their plight.

People forced to work at home in China are saving time and money, but some say it also brings distractions and reduced efficiency

996 culture refers to working from 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week -- and one Chinese developer decided to speak out against the dangerous practice through a project on GitHub. China's tech industry is notorious for a punishing work culture; one VC used to tell me how she was regularly booked for meetings at midnight. The most shocking thing about it was that she said it as boast, implying that others should follow this example.