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Have a cup of coffee. Take a 20- to 30-minute nap. Wake up feeling rested and refreshed as the caffeine starts to kick in. Experts weigh in on the merits of this growing trend.

Model Bella Hadid is a big fan of nootropic drinks – natural, caffeine-free, and touted as a healthy alternative to alcohol and energy drinks.

Breathwork can significantly improve your mental and physical health and that of your children. Experts explain ways to teach how to breathe more healthily.


Since a breathwork coach began weekly sunrise sessions combining exercise and meditation on a hilltop on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island, word of their benefits has spread fast.

For the past two decades, children’s fitness levels have been declining, research shows – a trend made worse by the coronavirus pandemic. Hong Kong children are particularly affected. Experts explain why.

A mix of yoga and fitness, handstands increase blood flow to the upper body, improving circulation, strength and concentration. Fitness coaches Steve Pilot and Victor Chau talk about their love of being upside down.


Poetry is having a resurgence. Writing it or reading it aloud can improve your mental health and well-being. Poets and authors describe its therapeutic and meditative benefits.


Breathwork experts want more people to breathe properly. Incorporating breathing exercises into daily life may help us find relief from stress, feel more relaxed and focus better, they say.


After Melissa Yambao had surgery to treat early stage breast cancer, she struggled with her health and suffered from hives and depression. Then she met a breathwork instructor, Brian Lai, who helped her turn her life around.

Nostalgia – formed from the Greek for ‘pain’ and ‘homecoming’ – was once considered a disease, and still has a stigma. However, in small doses it can be inspiring.

Happiness expert Meik Wiking wants to boost people’s mental health by helping them create new memories that are positive, lasting and inspiring. One way to do that is by tying sensory elements together.


Thanks to the coronavirus lockdown more men are growing beards, but recent misinformation has sparked global concern over self-isolation scruff and its connection with Covid-19. Experts give their opinion on it.

Former addict who used ibogaine – the root of a shrub used for initiation ceremonies in West Africa – to get clean calls it ‘a beautiful thing’. Users of the psychedelic say it reduces withdrawal symptoms. Prescribing it is a legal grey area, though.

Legalisation of hemp-derived CBD in the US has pushed sales far beyond expectation. Skincare and natural beauty companies are exploiting it for pain relief, treating skin irritations, easing tension, and anti-ageing, adding it to sleeping masks, after-sun care, and soaps.

The latest trend in fitness involves exercise machines that turn the energy human exertions produce into electricity that can help power gyms. Sustainable fitness could catch on with gym goers looking for greener ways to work out.

Plastic bottles, plastic dispensers, tubes you squeeze – almost everything the personal care industry sells is packaged in plastic, but some companies have found ways to deliver their products in a more sustainable way.

Keto dieters get most of their energy from fat, and paleo dieters from protein. Nutritionists explain the downsides and risks of both, and question their logic. A keto dieter explains how it was wrong for her.

A fall can easily mean broken bones or even death for people in later life. Simple exercises, including sit-stand training and tiptoeing exercises, can make a significant difference. We find out how.

An Australian ballroom dancer and a Chinese Panamanian lover of Latin dancing combined their love of music and fitness to open Flye Dance Fitparty. Sessions are 55 minutes and include various musical genres, and are for young professionals who don’t like working out in the gym.

Light manipulation has been on the rise in fitness studios around the world, to help ease participants’ anxiety and help them focus on their own moves – not their neighbours’.

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