100 Top Tables 2020

Options for business dining in the city have never been more varied, with restaurants and private kitchens striving to meet increasingly high expectations


The chef is known for his unique approach to Cantonese food – he uses produce from countries such as New Zealand and Japan to create avant-garde dishes

Fish is the star of the special regional cuisine served up at the Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong, with other outlets in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen

Located at Tai Kwun heritage centre, the eatery’s signatures include crispy Wuxi eel with aged vinegar and barbecued pork loin glazed with Manuka honey

From the elegant decor to the food – baked oysters with port wine, sautéed prawns and crab roe, stir-fried diced Japanese Wagyu beef with spring onion and wasabi – the experience is truly sublime

The menu is filled with dishes such as lamb stew with Chinese mushrooms, and the restaurant offers a choice of more than 2,000 wines including rare vintages

The eatery offers seasonal menus that highlight top-notch ingredients from around China, and diners at the chef’s table can enjoy a unique experience in the kitchen

Traditional French gastronomy gets a modern update, with a menu that includes the likes of crab broth with hibiscus infusion and Rossini-style French beef