100 Top Tables 2021 - Chinese

Top orders are golden-fried whole crispy chicken, double-boiled pig lung soup with fish maw and almond, and chilled tomatoes marinated with preserved plum juice


Roast duck is a signature here while the wild-caught yellow croaker is legendary; other top dishes to try are the braised tofu with preserved pork and black fungus, and radish chips

Don’t forget to order the crispy Wuxi eel with aged vinegar, barbecue pork loin glazed with Manuka honey, and Sichuan grouper chilli broth with glass noodles

Every dish on the considerable menu is delicious – remember to book well ahead as this eatery at Cordis Hong Kong has quite a fan following

One of the most hallowed items on the menu is the suckling pig: the skin is light and wafer crisp without being greasy and the meat is juicy and tender

Must-tries are the barbecued Ibérico pork with honey and the pan-fried tofu with shrimp mousse, while the wine list is compiled by the hotel’s chief sommelier

The menu includes barbecued pork rice with egg, dubbed ‘sorrowful rice’ after the legendary dish seen in Stephen Chow’s famous movie The God of Cookery

The barbecued pluma pork and roasted Wagyu beef infused with aromatic basil and chilli are top draws, while lunch is a great time to enjoy dim sum