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  • Intense pressure, long working hours and relatively low wages have convinced millions to embrace ‘flexible employment’ and freelancing, often in a gap between full-time work
  • Income is important, but Gen Z and younger millennials say their ideal jobs offer freedom while allowing them to pursue their passions

Skyrocketing living costs and mounting uncertainties in China’s job market make the situation unbearable for those who desire security and reasonable working hours that the private sector may not offer.


China has done away with its decades-long restrictive child policies, but women are finding limitations still exist in the form of workplace challenges and career impediments.


Poll of university-educated Hongkongers also finds more than 15 per cent of those questioned don’t plan on returning, with most citing work-life balance and political stability.


Drawing Star Wars characters and superheroes like Thor, the X-Men and Venom for Marvel Comics is the realisation of a childhood dream for Ario Anindito and Alti Firmansyah. They talk about how they followed their passion.

Women have played crucial roles throughout the history of space flight, but they have largely taken second place to men. Commercial space flight could change that by democratising space.

If you use your twenties to sit back, enjoy life and have fun, you are missing the point, says psychologist and TEDx speaker Dr Meg Jay – it’s really a crucial time to set important goals and put your life in motion.

A new report by Douyin says about 20.97 million live-streamers in China generated income via gifts from fans, advertisement contracts and product sales, among other income sources, in the past year.


Jatiwangi, in Indonesia, has for many years been known for its clay roof tiles. But with the industry in decline, a bodybuilding competition for tile makers is now held every year to promote the fading trade to young people.

Money isn’t everything when it comes to work. We propose an alternative list of the six best jobs to have – not necessarily for a short working week but for the satisfaction they bring.

With the domestic economy still struggling to recover after pandemic lockdowns and a broad decline in consumption, many struggling workers have turned to part-time jobs such as street vending and construction.


Boasting low infection rates but suffering over lost tourism, Barbados, Estonia, Bermuda and Georgia have launched visas aimed at wooing adventurous digital nomads to bolster their economies.

Why you should reach out to a career coach or counsellor if you have recently lost your job – they can help you bring your emotions under control and consider your next steps.

Interior design lacks respect in Hong Kong, says Horace Pan. To put that right he advocates better education, agreed standards, and continuing professional development.

A head bartender creating cocktails in Bangkok, a gin distiller in Hong Kong, Malaysia’s only female whisky bottler – women in Asia are making their mark in a man’s world.

A late career change may see you stepping off the corporate ladder and giving up a regular salary, but the rewards can outweigh any initial fears. We talk to four people who flourished after taking the plunge.

Factors including an ageing population and falling birth rates are damaging the retirement prospects of women in Japan, with one study suggesting that Japanese women will, as a whole, run out of money 20 years before they die.

Workers in the three Asian cities spend longer in the office, take fewer holidays and have some of the worst work-life balance in the world, a study has found.


Businesses across the world are realising that there is a need to get men involved to help women achieve parity in the workplace, and that a stronger focus on language and communication is needed, rather than putting in place targets and training seminars.

Many animal lovers dream of becoming a veterinarian, but exotic animal specialist Dr James Blanshard says the reality of life in his chosen career is that it's not all cute puppies, and applying advanced scientific theory