Measles outbreak
  • Public health experts warn the outbreak is a cautionary tale for any nation where vaccination rates drop below 90 per cent
  • The Philippines, which has coverage of just 67 per cent, has the largest outbreak in Southeast Asia with more than 42,000 cases this year

Two saleswoman, both 25, and one salesman, 30, admitted to hospital after catching the highly infectious disease, bring the number of cases in Hong Kong this year to 73.


An outbreak of measles that has infected thousands of people across Asia and continues to spread is sparking concerns in Hong Kong about the preparedness of travellers, especially over the recent Easter holiday.

Department of Health announces pilot service as Hong Kong records highest annual number of measles cases in a decade but vice-chairman of the Filipino Migrant Workers’ Union says move sends out very dangerous message.

Measles has been on the rise globally. More than 110,000 cases were reported in the first three months of 2019, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Cautious implementation of the staff vaccination programme by phases reflects prudent use of the tight supply of vaccines and a priority to protect higher-risk patients.

Everyone understands measles vaccines and test kits are scarce resources, but pregnant women and their fetuses are the most vulnerable group in society. To refuse a heavily pregnant employee a measles antibody blood test is shocking.

Analysing the recent Thai election result, assessing the players and politics driving the Indonesian election, and a look at the Southeast Asian factors behind the recent measles outbreak

The 20-year-old nurse works in the medical ward of Princess Margaret Hospital, where a radiographer was found to be infected this week. One supplier of vaccines has told the Department of Health there will be a change in the supplies set to arrive in April.

Seven more people were found to be infected on Thursday, bringing the total to 50. Two of the new patients, who both worked at the airport, had received three doses of vaccine.

Centre for Health Protection tightens controls around vaccination service after results of blood tests come back showing it may only need 9,800 doses of vaccine.

Staff member, who works in customer relations department, is 13th airline and airport employee infected, and flight attendants accuse airline of not doing enough to protect them against disease.

The Philippines and Indonesia have had the world’s second- and third- highest rates of measles, behind India, for the past two years. Mistrust, fraud, religious and ethical concerns are fuelling anti-vaccine sentiment.

Health authorities in the Philippines face an uphill battle against potentially fatal infectious diseases because of distrust in an immunisation programme after a controversial vaccine, Dengvaxia, was blamed for several deaths.