Kayla Hill
Kayla Hill
Kayla Hill is a globetrotter, teacher, lover of puns, and vegan food fanatic. You can find her writing about vegan-related topics at

Natalie Portman’s buffalo cauliflower wings, Lizzo’s jackfruit tacos and these carrot hot dogs bigged up by Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey – the stars serving up vegan kitchen inspo during lockdown

Staying distanced and at home has inspired celebrities to get creative online to engage with fans, raise money for charities and simply unwind and have some fun

Complete with marijuana dispensaries and vegan mini malls, this eco-friendly city embraces the unconventional and more than lives up to its motto: ‘Keep Portland Weird’


It’s official – Taiwan is one of the region’s top destinations for vegan foodies with desserts like shaved ice, bubble waffles and chocolate-filled ‘wheels’ taking the cake


Celebrities from Lewis Hamilton to Kristen Bell credit their conversion to a vegan lifestyle to hard-hitting documentaries – here’s our pick of the best films to watch if you want to make a more informed ethical choice about what you eat


It may be challenging for vegans to find delectable eats in a city that loves fresh seafood, but if you know where to go, you can indulge in some delicious plant-based foods in Osaka

At this time of year, we often generate tremendous amounts of trash – but there are steps you can follow to ease the burden on landfills, and reduce your impact on the planet

With a large population of Buddhist monks, it’s easy for vegans and vegetarians to find delicious dishes, from fine dining to tea houses and casual eateries

Japan is one of the most difficult countries for plant-based eaters to navigate because most items are cooked in dashi, a fish stock that is a kitchen staple

Gordon Ramsay is among the famous chefs to have featured the hugely-popular dish – consisting of French fries, gravy and cheese curd – in their restaurants

Chicken, fish and dairy products … It’s hard to keep track of which celebrities are adhering to the plant-based lifestyle, or to what extent


Growing interest in cruelty-free lifestyle sees firms keen to offer trips to destinations that explore less popular tourist areas and offer genuine interactions with locals

Rival US firms are enjoying huge success as their plant-based meat alternatives grow in popularity – with meat eaters, too – across North America, Hong Kong and Singapore

With meat an unsustainable food, cancer linked to its consumption and animal farming’s clear environmental impact, it’s time to cut down and think about our food choices

Vegans enjoy burgers even if they don’t eat meat, so we sampled offerings from eateries such as Kind Kitchen, Veggie SF and Loving Nature to find a winner

Hilton London Bankside, Fivelements and SwaSwara are among the perfect places for eco-conscious travellers to unwind and reduce their impact on the planet

Tourists are choosing Earth-friendly retreats such as Swasti Eco Cottages, which urges its guests to save water, eat local food and save the environment

While options for adopting a plant-based diet are on the increase in the city, Hong Kong still has a long way to go before it catches up with other cities

Eco-tourism is growing more popular and accessible for travellers who want to enjoy memorable experiences that have a positive impact on the planet