Mandy Zheng
Mandy Zheng
Mandy is a summer intern on the Hong Kong desk. She holds a master's degree in journalism from the University of Hong Kong.

Before unrest began, singles mainly checked looks, personality, income and lifestyles. But now, more users of dating apps assess potential partners by their political views.


The former industrial suburb was rocked by clashes between anti-government protesters and suspected triads on successive weekends. Outbreaks of violence and subsequent clashes with police have shocked locals, who believed town to be safe.


James Tang’s life has been filled with music, and The Record Museum, with a collection that numbers in the tens of thousands, is the result of a 30-year search for the most satisfying recordings.

Pakistani former pilot fights back from the brink of suicide to inspire fellow disabled people in hand-bike ride across in China. Having moved to Hong Kong in the early 90s, he has built a strong business career, with sports as his driving force.

Lack of awareness in society and sense of futility led founders to set up Roadsign database that categorises services, disorders and costs, simplifying help for sufferers.

Lau Kwong-shing faced identity problems after relocating back to Hong Kong from Japan, and dealt with cynicism towards his comics dreams ... until fan art he posted about a popular gaming app caught the eye of its developer.

City’s declining birth rates and student enrolments mean competition for teaching spots is fierce. Yet across the border, very different notions of free speech and critical thinking may pose obstacles for educators.

On Tai Yau-on’s Mini Movements project has led to exhibitions at elderly care homes where he hopes recreations of early scenes will bring a spark of joy and nostalgia to residents.

Hong Kong’s ‘angels in white’ turn to blogging as an outlet, but also recall why they signed up to serve the sick and how they are bent on soldiering on amid serious manpower shortfalls and lack of ward space in public sector.

First successful surgery in city involving ventricular assist device allows 12-year-old to return to school as he waits patiently for an organ donation that might be years away.