Stephanie Tsui
Stephanie Tsui

Community projects in which families share flats at heavily subsidised rents provide much needed respite in wait for public housing, but social groups hope authorities can be more proactive, especially in helping them navigate property management.

Experts say model could be used to support and enhance both forms of medicine, as well as lead to greater understanding between practitioners on either side.

Experts advise mixing things up in one’s twilight years and keeping the mind active, but it also starts with society recognising value in the aged. Silver tsunami will see a third of city’s population aged over 65 by 2036.

Sensory practice involves immersing oneself in nature and paying attention to wild surroundings, sometimes with the help of blindfolds, to connect with the peace and quiet.

Kowloon City’s ‘Little Thailand’ has been the heart of Hong Kong’s Thai community since the 1960s but many businesses will be displaced by redevelopment.

The survey of Asia-Pacific countries and cities, compiled by consumer research group ValueChampion, praises Hong Kong’s public transport and water safety, but it was the worst offender for generating waste.

Australians Glen Clarke and Matthew Brockman kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to raise HK$10,000 for charity that rescues edible food and redistributes it. Though a staple in Hong Kong, rice is almost never donated because it does not expire and shops rarely discard it.

Most hail the new Buddhist Art Museum, the only one of its kind in the city, as a milestone for the religion locally, as more Hongkongers seek spirituality amid the breakneck pace of life.


Tender system for lowest bidder in cleaning contracts and lack of public education clog up efforts to improve embarrassing situation for city, even with government’s HK$600 million bid to flush away issue.

An increasing number of youngsters keen to escape home and enjoy a taste of freedom are opting for shared housing – and the attraction is far more than just cheap rent.

Yuto Nakamura recently got his Hong Kong passport after nearly 10 years living in the city, paving the way for him to represent Hong Kong in international soccer. The 32-year-old says a love of food helped him settle in the city.

Some people say vaping helps smokers kick a tobacco habit. But local doctors say the products are too new to properly understand their harms and benefits.

Many mainland Chinese in the 20th century aspired to permanent residency in the safe and prosperous enclave. But in the 21st, changes north and south of the border mean some are less keen to put down roots.

City lags behind others in the number of registered donors, and lack of awareness contributes to misconceptions. Hong Kong only has six donors per million people, compared with 23 in Britain, 32 in the US and 47 in Spain.

Initiatives such as ‘Waste-no-mall’ offer greater recycling choices and let users see what happens to their recycled waste. The rate of waste recovered for recycling stands at 32 per cent of the total collected, a 10-year low for Hong Kong.

Wellness worker who used to be teen addict details her struggles and dark tales of going ‘off the rails’, as well as accessibility of booze to young.