Steven Borowiec
Steven Borowiec

The hwagyo ethnic Chinese minority have long used the holiday period to buy goods in China they resell in the hermit kingdom. So why is Pyongyang closing the loophole?

Underground dwellings, a growing class divide ... the Seoul district of Changsin bears more than a passing resemblance to the fictitious neighbourhood of Bong Joon-ho’s award-winning movie.

The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale has resurrected South Korea’s interest in the undead. But, like previous incarnations of the genre such as Train to Busan, this outlandish horror flick has something to say about the living, too


Chinese interest in a bankrupt shipyard that was once home to part of a major naval base has set tongues wagging about Beijing’s designs on the site


Internet chat groups can be a source of insight and support, but these mom cafes have been accused of using their clout in harmful ways – sparking online abuse that has affected businesses and driven a woman to suicide

The death of Kim Yong-kyun, a temporary employee at a power plant, and his meagre noodle meals have highlighted the plight of such workers amid growing inequality and high youth unemployment in the country.

With Chinese tourism falling thanks to a spat between Seoul and Beijing, the island idyll is trumpeting its past as a theatre for a bloody crackdown on communists.

Hopes for peace have helped South Korean President Moon Jae-in paper over his domestic troubles, but once the dust settles from the historic meeting, his problems may come home to roost.

The alleged involvement of South Korean spies in the “defection” of North Korean restaurant workers in China has put a spanner in the works for Pyongyang’s negotiations with the US.

A Kakao Talk chat room set up by tax authorities for people to rat on the owners of Korean Air has become a platform against injustice at the core of society.

Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un smiled, embraced and pledged an end to conflict in Korea. But the success of their summit may not truly become clear until Kim sits down with Donald Trump.

You might expect Moon Jae-in – a former human rights lawyer – would have something to say about the issue when he meets Kim Jong-un. So why will it remain an elephant in the room?

Work is under way to restore many of the Spanish colonial-era churches around the country as the government tries to lure Catholics from overseas

In a country where the unravelling of Confucian traditions means that many elderly people are no longer cared for by family, more South Koreans are dying in solitude, after either taking their own lives or wasting away from neglect. Small companies provide services such as cleaning and sterilising a room where someone died and decomposed before they were detected. They can also dispose and incinerate the deceased's possessions.