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14 July 2019 - Sha Tin



Sunday, 14 July 2019, 5:50pm, Sha Tin

"A" Course, 1400M, Expected Going: Good To Firm
Prize Money: $1950000, Rating: 105-80, Class 2
Standard Time: 1.21.55, Record Time: 1.20.31
HANG'S DECISION / 120lbs / 01-07-2017

Last runsColourHorse
PriorityHorse Wt.GearTrainerAgeWt.RatingJockeyDrawWinPlaceStar Form
18/1/6/3/8/8JOLLY BANNER
旌暉 (V077)
11040 -25B-P. F. Yiu7133 +10105-2K. H. Chan -10637306.2

Star Form:

Resumed a no-excuse C&D third, then produced a surprise win over the straight 1,000m in January before a third without excuses over the 1,200m from four starts. Never landed a blow latest over this trip. --2

加州議長 (A114)
11154 -7B/H/TTA. S. Cruz6129101+2K. Teetan817113.1

Star Form:

Disappointed eight times, then woke up to place in two of three runs. Nearly saluted despite a no-cover run near the speed last month over the 1,200m. Is a two-time C&D winner. --3

31/-/1/1/1/1/4ELUSIVE STATE
烽煙四喜 (A036)
+11121 -6TTA. T. Millard512193K. C. Leung217192.8

Star Form:

Resumed a 1,600m winner in Class Four, then got up for three wins over the AWT 1,650m up to Class Two before a one-paced fourth on a wet track. Had a bone fracture in April. --3

志同道合 (B287)
11119 -13SRJohn Size412193J. Moreira1254.12.6

Star Form:

Resumed a front-running nose winner from a wide gate over this C&D in May following a stress fracture, then held his ground travelling one-out, one-back over the 1,600m. Has since won a trial. --4

58/8/0/9/3/2MR SO AND SO
邊個邊個 (B412)
21020 +5TTJohn Size412193+3C. Schofield119.7145.0

Star Form:

Made use of gate one to win twice over this C&D in December, then misfired four times before finding the line nicely for placings in back-to-back runs over the Valley 1,650m. Go close. --4

常感恩 (B312)
11226 -1CPJ. Moore312092Z. Purton53.3*3.92.3

Star Form:

Easily beat the smart Voyage Warrior in June for a third straight win over the straight 1,000m, then burst his bubble when coming up flat in midfield over the 1,200m. Trip's a query. --3

百步穿雲 (A165)
11099 -1HD. Hall611789+3C. Y. Ho1323163.6

Star Form:

Yet to salute in nine starts this term but has placed four times at Sha Tin. Just failed to run down Hezthewonforus from behind midfield in May over this C&D. Has had a quiet trial after lameness last month. --4

81/8/5/-/1/0/7GORGEOUS KING
豐彩皇 (V118)
11159 +4B/TT-P. O'Sullivan7117 +289T. H. So -214346611

Star Form:

Resumed an easy winner over the Sha Tin 1,800m in September, then resumed unplaced twice for his new trainer after a bleeding attack in October, before suffering a lameness setback in April. --2

91/1/4/3/0/3KING OPIE
勁無比 (B034)
*11089 +9VF. C. Lor411385+2G. van Niekerk18.28.22.1

Star Form:

Chased the speed over this C&D in January for a fourth win from his first six starts this term, then filled the frame three times from four runs in this grade. Nearly got up when ridden quietly in a recent mile third. --4

105/1/8/5/4/4BEAUTY SPIRIT
美麗精神 (B409)
21249 +8CP/TTA. S. Cruz4113 +384-1M. F. Poon -3922225.4

Star Form:

Defied a wide gate over this C&D for a deserving Class Three win in March, then has gone close to placing in his past three 1,600m runs from four starts in Class Two. Minor claims. --3

友好日子 (C054)
21091 -2F. C. Lor411384+2U. Rispoli45.85.72.2

Star Form:

Made a good impression to place once over this C&D from his first two runs, then was a fast-finishing neck second to Green Energy recently over the 1,200m following an injury-induced absence. --4

巡航導彈 (B337)
*11180 +5T. P. Yung4113 +182M. L. Yeung -23555611

Star Form:

Solid impression in his two 1,200m starts last term, including a soft win. Had a stress fracture in December after a struggling Class Two run in October. Trials have been ordinary. --2

130/0/8/7/0LOBO'S LEGEND
馬友冠 (C299)
+11070 0D. Ferraris411382-2M. Chadwick760789.8

Star Form:

Group One winner in South Africa. Did nothing in his first three Sha Tin runs, then peaked on his run 200m out in a mile seventh to Not Usual Talent before a struggling effort over the 2,000m. --2

146/7/3/0/0/0SICHUAN DAR
川河寶駒 (T375)
2982 -1TTA. T. Millard711382-1V. Borges1040427.3

Star Form:

Veteran failed to menace in his first eight starts at both tracks this term, then ran on a close third over the 1,600m at huge odds before misfiring three times. Wait for Class Three next season. --2

R0/0/6/8/5/5EASY GO EASY WIN
得勝駒 (B112)
21127 +9B/XB/TTJ. Moore4113 -985To Be AnnouncedR---

Star Form:

R5/1/1/7/7/3RAGING STORM
精算風暴 (B173)
31145 +10PCJohn Size4123 -795+2To Be AnnouncedR---

Star Form:

+Trump Card
*Horse(s) with priority to run
1,2,3...Order of Trainer Preference
B :Blinkers
P :Pacifier
CP :Sheepskin Cheek Pieces
CO :Sheepskin Cheek Piece 1 side
CC :Cornell Collar
BO :Blinker with one cowl only
PC :Pacifier with cowls
TT :Tongue Tie
V :Visor
"1" :First time
XB :Crossed Nose Band
E :Ear Plugs
PS :Pacifier with 1 cowl V
V :Visor
"2" :Replaced
H :Hood
SR :Shadow Roll
SB :Sheepskin Browband
" - " :Removed


King Opie is a four-time winner this term, including two this trip, and showed a new dimension when coming from the back in a close mile third behind Red Warrior and rising star Champion's Way. He's an each-way chance from gate one. Mr So And So will need luck from his gate but has been finding the line well for placings in back-to-back runs over the Valley 1,650m and his only two wins came earlier in the term over this C&D. Hezthewonforus returned successfully in front from a wide gate over this trip in May and wasn't disgraced latest over the 1,600m. He's awkwardly drawn but still has fresh legs and comes into this off a trial win. Glorious Spectrum has made a solid impression to place twice to 1,400m from three starts, including a barnstorming neck second to Green Energy 13 days back in his first run since December following a tendon injury. He needs to be kept safe.


CALIFORNIA WHIP (A114)near the 750M shifted in before being direct out to relieve the tightening Throughout the race travelled wide and without cover - Race 713 HEZTHEWONFORUS (B287)when questioned, rider stated that in accordance with the horse's normal racing pattern, he rode it positively in the early stages to take up a forward position and after the 1100M crossed a runner and then steadied his mount to allow another runner to cross He said due to the extremely fast pace in the early and middle stages, his mount, which was second up from an extended break from racing and stepping up to 1600M, was one-paced and unable to close off the race over the final 200M - Race 750 THANKS FOREVER (B312)approaching the 200M got its head on the side and shifted out away from a runner Then passing the 150M was momentarily awkwardly placed After the race, rider stated that he had to ride his mount along for a considerable distance in the early stages to take up a forward position He said it was not until after the 1000M that he was able to obtain cover He said after that his mount travelled satisfactorily, however, came under pressure in the early part of the Straight and then did not finish off the race He added he attributed that to the amount of use that he had to make of the horse in the early stages - Race 775 FAST MOST FURIOUS (A165)near the 900M was awkwardly placed close to heels and shifted out away from a runner When questioned regarding his riding out of the horse over the concluding stages, rider stated that after shifting to the outside of a runner passing the 400M, the horse commenced to quicken well He said however that near the 300M the horse commenced to lay in and for that reason he changed his whip over into his right hand He said when being ridden out passing the 200M the horse commenced to hang in, however, as he was aware that he was clear of runners to his inside, he was able to continue to ride the horse whilst it shifted in He said the horse continued to hang in under pressure and he continued to allow the horse to shift in as he was aware that the 3rd placegetter was a number of horses away from the horse He said however near the 50M the horse continued to hang in towards the 3rd placegetter and as he was aware that the 3rd placegetter was racing to his inside, he felt that if he continued to ride the horse out in the same manner, he may cause interference to the 3rd placegetter He said for that reason he stopped riding the horse with the whip whilst continuing to ride it out as he attempted to straighten He said at that time he was concerned that the 3rd placegetter was racing very close to heels of the horse, he felt that had he not have attempted to straighten, the horse would have shifted in across the rightful running of the 3rd placegetter and because of that he was not able to ride the horse out close to the finishing line as he normally would After viewing the videos, the Stewards accepted rider's explanation - Race 694 GORGEOUS KING (V118)passing the 200M was bumped - Race 468 KING OPIE (B034)at the 400M was shifted in after being disappointed for running At the 200M shifted out to continue improving When questioned, rider stated that he had been provided with two sets of instructions for how the horse should be ridden He said if the horse began very well, he should take advantage of that and obtain a forward position, however, in the event that the horse, which was running over 1600M for the first time, did not began very well, he should shift the horse across behind runners and obtain a position with cover He said that was based on the manner in which the horse performed in a barrier trial in the lead up to the race He said in that trial the horse finished well after being ridden off the speed He said, in his opinion, whilst the horse had been racing consistently, it had not been finding the line strongly at the end of its recent races and therefore it was felt that the horse may benefit by being ridden more conservatively He added the horse began only fairly and therefore he immediately commenced to shift across behind runners and obtain cover in a position behind midfield He said when ridden more quietly, the horse finished off the race well - Race 675 GLORIOUS SPECTRUM (C054)passing the 400M got its head on the side and lay in towards heels Approaching the 200M lay in Approaching the 50M raced tight - Race 775 CRUISING (B337)on jumping bumped with a runner when crowded for room When questioned, rider stated that he was asked to be positive out of the barriers and obtain a position in about midfield with cover if possible He said it was felt that the race would be run at a good pace and that the horse's best opportunity to finish off the race would be for it to be ridden more conservatively from barrier 11 He said although the horse began well, it did not feel comfortable in its action in the early stages and, in his opinion, he would not have been able to obtain a forward position had he been so instructed He said the horse came off the bridle after the 900M and he had to ride the horse along to maintain its position He added although the horse was obliged to race without cover in the early and middle stages, it did not travel comfortably He said after shifting the horse out at the entrance to the Straight, it did not quicken and then was disappointing in the manner in which it failed to finish off the race He said he had ridden the horse in a barrier trial in the lead up to the race and, in his opinion, that trial was only fair Trainer confirmed that he had instructed rider to obtain a midfield position because he anticipated a fast tempo given that there were a number of horses which had previously been ridden in a forward position engaged in the race - Race 064 LOBO'S LEGEND (C299)from passing the 300M until approaching the 200M had some difficulty obtaining clear running Passing the 200M raced tight - Race 777 RAGING STORM (B173)began awkwardly, shifted out and bumped a runner Approaching the 50M raced tight - Race 775


ELUSIVE STATE (A036)03/04/2019 Right front medial splint bone fracture(passed on 11/06/2019) FAST MOST FURIOUS (A165) 11/06/2019 Lame right hind leg with pain on stifle(passed on 02/07/2019) GORGEOUS KING (V118) 03/04/2019 Lame left front leg(passed on 20/06/2019) CRUISING (B337) 01/10/2018 Rider concerned horse's action during racing(passed on 01/11/2018) 13/12/2018 Right humerus stress fracture(passed on 11/06/2019)


Hezthewonforus impressed with victory in a strong trial on July 2.