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A whole world of literature can be yours at the click of a button. Here you’ll find reviews of the best new e-books and audiobooks you can download onto your various devices.

  • While social media is filled with viral skincare tips and fads, sometimes the best way to learn about beauty regimes is by deep diving into a book written by the experts themselves
  • Skincare Decoded by cosmetic chemists Victoria Fu and Gloria Lu answers all your scientific questions, while Clean: The New Science of Skin is written by preventive medicine doctor James Hamblin

There were over 200 e-books in Amazon’s Kindle store as of mid-February listing ChatGPT as an author, but there is no requirement to disclose the use of AI.


The popular e-book reader is still available from third-party merchants, but some are questioning Kindle’s future in China after Amazon closed its local marketplace in 2019.


The 2021 edition of the Kindle Paperwhite has a bigger, brighter display than previous editions of the Amazon e-readers, and swapping reading modes is easier than ever. Reading books on it feels effortless.

Hong Kong Public Libraries should allow digital enrolment in its Reading Programme for Children and Youth as soon as possible and consider encouraging readers to write book reports on social media.

More funding should be devoted to electronic collections to serve library patrons a balanced mix with printed materials. The digital lending practices of New York Public Libraries and the Chinese University provide a useful template to emulate.

This is a revolutionary time for podcasts and audiobooks, and a scientist thinks he knows why: in an experiment, students responded more strongly to the audio than the video of classic scenes from Game of Thrones and Silence of the Lambs.

TikTok owner ByteDance hopes free content on Tomato Novel will help it take on Tencent’s China Literature, its dominant competitor that continues to attract top talent.

This One Wild and Precious Life, by Sarah Wilson, looks at ‘moral loneliness’, A Biography of Loneliness, by Fay Bound Alberti, studies the ‘modern epidemic’ of searching for a soulmate, and audiobook The Power of Ritual, by Casper ter Kuile, explains how the non-religious can create communities.

TikTok owner ByteDance has acquired a stake in Beijing Dingtian Culture Entertainment, which runs multiple online reading platforms competing with Tencent-backed market leader China Literature.

Chinese digital reading platforms signed up 100 million new users in February, the height of the coronavirus outbreak in China, according to a new industry whitepaper


Asian-Americans question why their beauty is judged by how light their skin is in a new anthology, Whiter. Among its stories is that of a woman born to a Chinese mother and a black father who experienced rejection from Chinese-Americans.

After Bryant died in a helicopter crash, the Los Angeles Public Library compiled a list of books the basketball legend had recommended in interviews and social media posts. It also listed four books the retired LA Lakers player wrote or co-wrote.

References to China’s military cyber intelligence, Great Firewall and the Arab spring missing from simplified Chinese edition of his memoir Permanent Record.

Downloads of audiobooks have tripled in the past five years, and voice-over artists are in demand. Renowned voice-over artist Johnny Heller teaches hopefuls the finer points of audiobook recording.

Set against a dystopian backdrop, Adjustment Day simmers with anger as it offers a less than sophisticated satirical takedown of current societal ills

At first sight an e-reader twice as big as an Amazon Kindle and with a black-and-white screen may lack appeal, but wait until you see what the Onyx device can do, and to almost any file format

Martin states that he will step back from his blog to work on ‘exciting things’, and ‘Game of Thrones’ fans are hoping that the next book in the series is one of them