Pokemon Goi

Pokemon Go is a mobile augmented-reality game that launched in July 2016 and generated considerable attention in Hong Kong and around the world.


The future of fitness is online – and by combining ‘gamercising’ technologies with an integrated cross-platform metaverse powered by blockchain, it’s also big business, says OliveX co-founder Keith Rumjahn


Gaming is the No.1 entertainment now, and the past decade saw milestone developments in storytelling and in-game elements. These are the titles that had the most impact in the 2010s.

Watching performances and sports events in 3D from any angle are two of the immersive experiences offered by new tech. Augmented reality is the format of the future, as virtual reality loses popularity.

STYLE’s office couch potato tries out Stepbet, Walkr, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and 4 more mobile phone apps designed to get you off the sofa – reluctantly.

Three years after Pokemon Go popularised augmented reality, tech giant to begin guided walks whose participants view sites enhanced by computer-generated art. A separate AR work will be visible to iPhone users in Apple stores worldwide.

Hong Kong found itself in the grip of Pokemania in July 2016 as players of the mobile game tried to ‘catch ’em all’, some risking life and limb. Many hard-core followers still play, with the community aspect a strong draw.

The Chinese video games and social media giant’s TiMi Studio Group will take the lead in developing new titles with the Japanese company behind the popular monster-hunting franchise.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite lets you cast spells at magical creatures from the comfort of your own desk. A few glitches and an uncertain story aside, this mobile AR game is a winner for Harry Potter fans.