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14 July 2019 - Sha Tin



Sunday, 14 July 2019, 2:30pm, Sha Tin

"A" Course, 1400M, Expected Going: Good To Firm
Prize Money: $920000, Rating: 60-40, Class 4
Standard Time: 1.22.25, Record Time: 1.21.39
A BEAUTIFUL / 123lbs / 22-09-2018

Race 5   Sha Tin   14 Jul 2019
TOM BIDDINGTON (3) (7) (8) (10)
TRENTON AKERS (10) (9) (8) (7)
SAM AGARS (8) (9) (10) (14)
PHILLIP WOO (8) (4) (10) (1)
SHANNON (VINCENT WONG) (10) (8) (2) (14)
RACING POST ONLINE (8) (10) (3) (4)
BRETT DAVIS (7) (10) (2) (8)
MOST FAVOURED (8) (10) (7) (3)
Last runsColourHorse
PriorityHorse Wt.GearTrainerAgeWt.RatingJockeyDrawWinPlaceStar Form
15/0/6/8/0/7FALCON TURBO
順意寶 (B164)
11138 +9CPD. Hall413360-2C. Y. Ho1225225.4

Star Form:

Resumed a grinding 1,200m fifth, then failed to get into the act four times before coming from last for seventh to Winning Delight in a suitably run C&D race. Gets crucial downgrade. --3

20/9/6/6/4/9BULB ELITE
燈胆精英 (A183)
+21139 -7C. H. Yip512855-2J. Moreira16.15.32.3

Star Form:

Still to salute in 19 runs. Was a front-running fourth over the Sha Tin 1,200m two back for his new trainer, then struggled from a wide gate at the Valley. Just one placing from five past C&D runs. --3

39/9/9/7/5/3MY POWER
叫座力 (B267)
11073 -8H/TTC. S. Shum4128 +355-1M. F. Poon -3716102.4

Star Form:

Came up flat in midfield following a downgrade over the Valley 1,000m, then has given a better sight twice on the Sha Tin turf. Ended third after finding the front 950m out latest over this C&D. --3

43/5/0/1/2/6CARE FREE PRINCE
瀟灑王子 (V069)
11149 +12BK. L. Man6127 +1054K. H. Chan -101323255.5

Star Form:

Has used his gate speed to earn cheques in eight of 12 starts. Easily made all over this C&D under a light weight three back, then game second before going too hard in a failure from a wide gate. --4

50/8/0/9/0/0PRINCE HARMONY
和諧小子 (V012)
*21156 +21W. Y. So6126 +353-4H. N. Wong -3147710019

Star Form:

Disappointing with only a fourth on the speed over the straight 1,000m in November from 11 runs. Struggled early straight travelling midfield over the Valley 1,200m latest in this grade. --2

友瑩利 (C310)
11218 -12P. O'Sullivan312552N. Callan39212420

Star Form:

Made no progress from the back after jumping slowly at massive odds in his debut last month over the 1,200m. See better first. --1

78/0/4/2/8SUPREME PLUS
勁瀟灑 (C252)
+11116 +9XB/TTF. C. Lor312552U. Rispoli217153.8

Star Form:

Came right on wet tracks to fill the frame twice over the 1,200m, including a box-seat second to Shining Ace, then was a non-threatening eighth going back from a tricky gate over this C&D on a fast track. --3

80/5/2/0/8/3CIRCUIT THREE
電路三號 (B360)
11089 -6B/TTA. S. Cruz412350+1K. Teetan43.6*3.41.3

Star Form:

Can miss the kick but has rallied to place three times over a range of distances from seven Sha Tin starts. Came home a close C&D third to High Rev after jumping a touch slow latest. --4

嘉應風采 (B115)
+11149 +11H/V/XBT. P. Yung4123 +250M. L. Yeung -21024153.6

Star Form:

A tactics change to lead paid off three back over this C&D, then tiring fifth before failing last month after an awkward start and without the use of a stirrup early on. --3

105/5/3/6/4/4MY WINNER
帶榮來 (B197)
+11142 +21BP. F. Yiu412249+1Z. Purton53.23.82.1

Star Form:

No worse than seventh in his 13 runs this term, including five thirds. Came from behind midfield in a close C&D fourth behind High Rev last start. Can't ignore. --4

118/6/0/0/5/6SLEEP EDUCATION
睡眠大學 (A362)
1987 -13BD. Ferraris612047-2V. Borges97.5114.1

Star Form:

Earned cheques in three of his first four runs, then no better than a fifth two back over the Sha Tin 1,200m at his fourth run in this grade from 10 starts. Came home a distant C&D sixth latest. --2

鋒仔 (C282)
+21013 -3BR. Gibson311845-3G. van Niekerk11476312

Star Form:

Has failed to make any impression in his four sprints at both tracks. No response when placed under pressure last start over the straight 1,000m. --1

皇仁傳奇 (C169)
*21136 0BY. S. Tsui3116 +243-3T. H. So -2815121134

Star Form:

Failed to beat a galloper in his debut from a wide gate over the Valley 1,200m, then struggled twice over this C&D before a lifeless run over the straight 1,000m. Can pen. --1

146/0/7/0/0/3JOY MASTER
開心大師 (B222)
*21048 -12TTC. Fownes411340-1M. Chadwick626285.3

Star Form:

Never much of a danger in his opening eight sprints to 1,400m at both tracks this term, then came from behind midfield to finish a distant third to Victoriam over the 1,200m. --3

R6/4/9/6/6/2VITAL SPRING
陽明秋秋 (A057)
21121 +3TTK. W. Lui611542+1To Be AnnouncedR---

Star Form:

R4/5/0/6/7/5GOLDEN FOUR
金碧科 (B225)
11017 -2BC. W. Chang4119 -246-2To Be AnnouncedR---

Star Form:

+Trump Card
*Horse(s) with priority to run
1,2,3...Order of Trainer Preference
B :Blinkers
P :Pacifier
CP :Sheepskin Cheek Pieces
CO :Sheepskin Cheek Piece 1 side
CC :Cornell Collar
BO :Blinker with one cowl only
PC :Pacifier with cowls
TT :Tongue Tie
V :Visor
"1" :First time
XB :Crossed Nose Band
E :Ear Plugs
PS :Pacifier with 1 cowl V
V :Visor
"2" :Replaced
H :Hood
SR :Shadow Roll
SB :Sheepskin Browband
" - " :Removed


Circuit Three is still trying to correct things at the start but has placed three times from seven starts, including a close C&D third to High Rev latest after jumping a stride slow. He can topple them late. Care Free Prince made his own luck in front for two C&D wins in a very productive campaign and is the one to catch yet again despite a wide draw. My Winner has stayed on for prize money without winning in 11 of 13 starts this term, including five placings over the 1,400m or 1,600m, and will go close. Falcon Turbo has been disappointing this term but it would not surprise to see him bob up in his first start in Class Four here.


BULB ELITE (A183)in the early stages failed to muster speed despite being ridden along - Race 782 PRINCE HARMONY (V012)as the start was effected lifted its front feet off the ground and consequently began only fairly After that was crowded for room and then continued to race tight for a short distance - Race 695 AEROFLASH (C310)was slow to begin Approaching the 1050M was checked when taken in onto heels - Race 744 SUPREME PLUS (C252)in the early stages was steadied to obtain cover from a wide barrier Passing the 1000M was steadied when crowded for room - Race 754 CIRCUIT THREE (B360)shortly after the start shifted out and became awkwardly placed close to heels - Race 754 KA YING BRILLIANCE (B115)began very awkwardly, shifted in and bumped a runner That resulted in the horse becoming unbalanced and rider lost the use of his right stirrup iron A short distance after the start, the right stirrup iron flipped up on the saddle, resulted in rider having to use his right foot to have the stirrup iron resume the position on the right side of the horse Rider was then able to regain the use of his stirrup iron near the 1200M Rider stated that it was intended to take up a forward position on the horse, however, as it took him some time to regain the use of his stirrup iron, he was not able to be as prominent as had been intended and was left racing wide and without cover for the majority of the race - Race 729 SLEEP EDUCATION (A362)at the start bumped a runner when being taken out initially and then further on, resulted in the horse being steadied - Race 754 DRAGON LEGEND (C169)at the start got its head on the side and shifted out Then a short distance after that was crowded for room Approaching the 700M was crowded for room - Race 771 JOY MASTER (B222)approaching the 100M shifted out and brushed a runner - Race 769 GOLDEN FOUR (B225)at the start shifted out and bumped a runner Near the 900M momentarily raced in restricted room From near the 350M until approaching the 200M was held up for clear running at which time it was directed out to obtain clear running - Race 793


Ka Ying Brilliance was solid when second in a recent trial.


Race 5 Sha Tin 14 July 2019

172852117144411636147212546166 1
9 11 102782939.64.3213.8166222822 2
10 *2.4 12 2110999154.9215.13614529329 3
11 15 57 12 53127191628117717343066 4
12 97 191 66 123 195112899489167255502196 5
13 190 327 178 320 559 927610258293291488136 6
14 16 67 14 65 205 258 8.2248.24016943153 7


Race 5 Sha Tin 14 July 2019

611092275435891324111640223500999240 1
9 26 32964864122810621065301999100 2
10 *5.9 33 8653950551146614107641999116 3
11 37 203 38 316800965011341353886999287 4
12 354 629 237 526 999440347446317586999999875 5
13 728 999 620 999 999 448276505273989999999611 6
14 52 247 50 235 908 999 208324152727999212 7