Recipes for special occasionsi

Whether it’s cooking for festivals such as Christmas, Lunar New Year and Hanukkah, or preparing that special meal for your nearest and dearest, senior food and wine editor Susan Jung has the recipes to inspire and impress.

  • The founder of Le Cordon Bleu cookery school was asked to come up with a dish to serve guests at the coronation lunch in 1953. Coronation chicken was the result
  • Home cooks can make it easily – there are no hard-to-find ingredients and you can use a whole chicken or chicken breasts. Make your own mayonnaise if you like

This Lunar New Year dish, meant to bring prosperity, is a mix of fresh and dried ingredients, and many alternatives can be substituted if you can’t find them in the shops.


Perfect roast pork must not be dry and the crackling has to be crispy – this recipe will ensure your rack of pork is cooked to absolute perfection.

This is nothing like your English pork pie – it’s pretty, delicate and light. Serve it as a starter at a holiday meal or add it to your holiday buffet.

Making traditional mooncakes with a filling of lotus seed paste and egg yolks takes time and effort, as the Post discovers in a lesson with Hong Kong dim sum chef Tse Sun-fuk.


In a twist on the Aussie and Kiwi favourite, this pavlova dials down the sweetness with brown sugar meringue, piled with whipped cream and fresh fruit, just as it should be.

We asked chefs and mixologists to give us their favourite cocktail and main dish recipes that you can easily make at home during the coronavirus outbreak

A Chinese New Year snack, sugar rings are crispy addictive, and pastry chef Ringo Chan learned how to make them from his grandmother. He shows us how to make perfect sugar rings.


From roast duck in lettuce wraps to clams with black bean sauce, here are some classic dishes for the festival. We have included recipes for each dish so you can try them at home.

Usher in the Year of the Pig with a delicious, and auspicious, lettuce wrap. It's often made with pigeon, which is an expensive ingredient, and minced roast duck is just as delicious

Make these delicious dishes at home for a feast of Middle Eastern food; they’re worth the effort, believe us, and we’re letting you use frozen filo pastry

Savour the Asian flavours of stuffed boneless chicken or lamb with Sichuan spices and spring onion pancakes; for a more traditional dish, try a crowd-pleasing braised beef brisket with onions.