Deepu Sebastian Edmond
Deepu Sebastian Edmond

The Congress president wants to step down, but his own party won’t let him. The succession dilemma is Congress’ ‘crisis for survival’, according to experts – and the ruling BJP has sensed weakness.

An exit poll on Sunday showed the BJP-led alliance was projected to dominate the lower house of parliament, as voters responded to Hindu nationalist rhetoric and national security concerns in the wake of the Pakistan attack.


The country’s leftist movement has been decimated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s electoral success, but many communists are pinning their hopes for a revival on a new breed of pragmatic young leaders

Experts say the spread of ‘tawhid’ needs to be monitored as radicals exploiting the concept seek to change how locals have traditionally practised Islam in a multi-religious society.

Only 21 per cent of Sikhs say they want Modi’s government to return and the mainly Sikh state of Punjab is not concerned with the issues driving the national electorate to polls.

The Congress party leader has his eyes on Kerala – but can it help him in his electoral battle against incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP?

Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu state is the proposed site of a new US$4.8 billion port, being touted as part of New Delhi’s answer to Beijing’s Sri Lankan investments.

The app, from Beijing-based company ByteDance, has been accused of electoral interference for running doctored images of politicians with sensationalised text.


The country’s most populous state is often seen as a bellwether for where India is headed politically. Last time, the BJP won by a large margin – but a new ‘grand alliance’ hopes to scupper its plans.

As India begins its mammoth election process, at least one politician has been killed in a dispute over a state assembly vote. Meanwhile, Maoist rebels have been blamed for a bomb near a polling booth.

While much of the spotlight has been cast on Modi, the lack of a national election narrative has allowed state parties to boost their numbers by forming alliances across caste lines.

Religious violence, unpopular tax, disappearing jobs. India’s voters have plenty to judge Modi on come election time – so why is opposition Congress struggling to make anything stick?