Jeoffrey Maitem

The president said ‘I ambushed you, you animal’ to former Daanbantayan mayor Vicente Loot, who escaped death after the attack last year – in a speech where he also renewed his offer of big bounties for the return of mistakenly-released convicts.

Philippine President says Iceland, which introduced a UN resolution to investigate his war on drugs, is concerned about human rights yet it allows abortions until the end of the 22nd week of pregnancy.

Three elderly women whose connecting flight was diverted to Wuhan said their return to the Philippines was delayed by eight days, after a typhoon caused travel chaos.

Delfin Lorenzana has called for online casinos operating near military camps to be relocated over fears Chinese nationals working in such firms could be tapped to gather intelligence for Beijing.


Yang Kang died after escaping from a sixth floor window. It is thought he was being held captive over unpaid debts; police say they are closing in on his employer

The Philippine president has signed a multibillion-dollar deal with Xi Jinping to transform Fuga, Chiquita and Grande into tourism and leisure destinations, but the influx of Chinese cash could have long-term implications for national security.

The president, who critics accuse of being too close to Beijing, is reportedly planning the trip to coincide with a basketball tournament featuring the Philippine national team.

Tough-talking former police chief Ronald dela Rosa, often likened to Hollywood actor The Rock, has been elected to Senate committee tasked with investigating operation Oplan Tokhang, which has left thousands dead.

Responding to accusations he has been too soft on China, the Philippine president called for the US to ‘gather their fleet’ in the disputed waterway.


Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr said the country would stay in the UN Human Rights Council but directed scathing criticism at Iceland for moving a vote to investigate President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.

Earlier this week, Duterte said he would be unable to stop China fishing in his country’s exclusive waters even if he wanted. He has reversed that position after accusations his position was unconstitutional.


The former foreign affairs secretary is a noted critic of Chinese President Xi Jinping and his detention occurred one day after he said Beijing was ‘not to be trusted’ over the sinking of a Philippine vessel in the South China Sea.

In an outburst likely to dismay President Rodrigo Duterte, the country’s former foreign secretary cautioned against China’s assurances over the incident saying he had ‘first hand experience’ of how ‘unreliable’ Beijing can be.


A week after the boat was allegedly sunk by a Chinese vessel, the Philippine president has sought to play down the incident, warning officials not to make the situation worse.


The fishermen’s claim that Beijing ignored a previous protest and the activities of Chinese vessels are severely damaging the environment comes a day after the sinking of a Philippine fishing boat by a suspected Chinese trawler.


A Filipino craft anchored near Recto Bank – claimed by both Manila and Beijing – sank on Sunday leaving 22 crewmen ‘to the mercy of the elements’, according to Delfin Lorenzana.


Raids on terrorist hideouts result in detention of six suspects linked to kidnappings, ambushes, bomb attacks and recruitment. Security forces have stepped up their presence in the restive south after the killing of a Dutch hostage last month, but experts fear groups affiliated with Islamic State could also be targeting Manila.

The items, estimated to be worth about US$19 million in 2015, include Indian diamonds, Burmese rubies and Colombian emeralds, as well as a tiara that belonged to a Russian empress.

Elwold Horn, 59, from Holland, was captured by the Abu Sayyaf group in 2012. He was killed while trying to escape during a firefight between his captors and government troops

A jailed senator has identified the region as the new ‘epicentre’ of extrajudicial killings in a deadly anti-drugs campaign that has claimed more than 5,300 lives so far.

The 11 people from indigenous communities, a delegation including Vietnamese and Myanmar nationals, were not hurt in the attack. Their convoy struck a landmine set by the rebels before a 40-minute gun battle ensued.

The US tech behemoth’s plan to block Huawei devices from Android updates has retailers fearing they will be unable to shift their stock. But some users have put their fears on hold, saying they will wait out the US-China trade war.

Duterte now has the support of 20 of 24 senators. Among those he can count on in a push to reintroduce the death penalty and rewrite the constitution will be the daughter of late president Ferdinand Marcos.