Toh Ee Ming
Toh Ee Ming
Toh Ee Ming is a Singaporean journalist with a fascination with people and places, covering everything from society, culture and the environment for the South China Morning Post, Associated Press, Southeast Asia Globe and more.

Zero-waste activists in food-obsessed Singapore are promoting composting as a way to tackle the city state’s food-waste problem – but making good compost is harder than it looks.

Stuck at home amid Covid-19 travel restrictions, some Singaporeans have taken to exploring the wilder side of the city state, with small tour operators giving people a chance to connect with nature.

Two young television rebels from online channel Not Safe For TV talk about their series that deep dives into Singapore’s juicier parts such as underground hip-hop, convicted street artists and the city state’s most notorious gangster.

In March 2019, some 5,000 Malaysians in the town of Pasir Gudang fell ill after a company illegally dumped chemical waste into the nearby river. A year on, not much has changed.


In Singapore a group of women seek to subvert stereotypes of Chinese femininity and celebrate their heritage by promoting traditional dress and customs to prove that women in ancient times had their own power.

Singaporean is home to a number of monkey species, but the Raffles’ banded langur is the rarest, with only 60 surviving monkeys. Scientist Andie Ang has dedicated her life to trying to save these and other rare Asian monkeys.

From keto diets and fasting to flotation therapy and DNA kits, biohackers in Singapore are experimenting with all manner of ways to engineer their health and longevity in pursuit of an optimised life.


When Nabiila Nanfuka, from Uganda, sees a fellow African in Singapore she smiles, even if she doesn’t know the person, so rare are such encounters. Yet their numbers are growing and, through church and social groups, and a cafe, they are connecting.

The 39-year-old opposition party is aiming for a comeback after spending the last two decades out of Parliament, which is dominated by the ruling People’s Action Party.

China can play the role of stabiliser in the ongoing dispute between Japan and South Korea, which could significantly change the chemistry of the region says former Singapore diplomat Kishore Mahbubani.

With many workers struggling to make ends meet and the young lacking a meaningful stake in the economy, hopes for a better future have been dashed, Singapore academics argue.

Grown men are fuelling a boom in China’s toy collectibles market, spending thousands of dollars on figurines to express their identity, boost their street cred, and indulge their inner kid

Limestone Network’s first project is a 100-hectare development in Phnom Penh, involving homes, offices, malls and schools. It is looking to help cities in Southeast Asia overcome challenges such as pollution and traffic congestion.

The black soldier fly larvae bred at Insectta, the Lion City’s first urban insect farm, are a new line of defence in the war on food waste. Not only do they convert waste into fertiliser, sometimes, they become food themselves

From immersion learning about China’s most popular messaging app WeChat to guided tours around state-of-the-art Hema supermarkets, Singaporean firms are seeking to learn from the Middle Kingdom’s e-commerce success.