Baby formulai

Baby, or infant, formula is a manufactured food for babies often used as a substitute for breast milk. It is a powder or liquid concentrate that is mixed with water and fed through a bottle. It is widely used in Asia, which represents 53% of the global market share. In Hong Kong, a shortage in availability of baby formula led to restrictions on how much could be taken out of the city and into mainland China.

  • Market regulator says food solvent propylene glycol was found in batches of milk in Zhejiang
  • Company says all affected products have been removed from shop shelves

A flight from Switzerland will arrive in Indianapolis on Sunday with132 pallets of Nestlé baby formula; the first load is expected to provide as many as 1.5 million bottles.

Solutions to the national shortage are being sought on the internet, but medical experts say home-made versions come with serious health risks; Facebook, TikTok and YouTube have been inconsistent in dealing with the issue.


The funding is intended to support Ukraine through September, and it dwarfs an earlier emergency measure that provided US$13.6 billion in assistance.

The White House raced to show it’s trying to ease a national baby milk formula shortage that has left frantic parents scouring store shelves to feed their children.

The average consumer in China drank five times as much milk last year than in 2012, as liquid milk sales from New Zealand, the European Union and Australia boomed last year.


Parents in China who used a cream for their baby’s eczema were horrified to see her develop a protruding, hairy forehead and cheeks and her weight shoot up. A test showed the cream contained a powerful steroid.

China Feihe has bought fresh milk from YuanShengTai to produce its baby milk formula products since 2010, and now is offering to buy all shares of the farming company.


The tragedy that rocked China’s infant milk formula industry 12 years ago destroyed many parents’ faith in domestic brands, paving the way for foreign companies to charge ahead


China Feihe, maker of the nation’s best-selling infant milk formula, probably attracted close to HK$10 billion of orders from retail investors in what could be the third largest IPO in Hong Kong this year, according to a survey of stockbrokers.

As China seeks to diversify assets and ensure security of supply, especially for food, it faces thorough scrutiny from countries suspicious of its intentions.

Successful breastfeeding can lead to an abundance of milk. You could sell it to body builders, or freeze it – but for a year at most. Hong Kong mothers have some tips on alternative uses for breast milk.

Trump says impoverished women should not be denied access to formula – a US$47 billion industry – after US is accused of trying to sink UN resolution on breastfeeding.

Fonterra Co-operative Group, New Zealand’s largest company and dairy exporter, is “extremely disappointed” after China partner Beingmate widened its loss forecast for 2017 from the 350 million yuan to 500 million yuan range to between 800 million yuan and 1 billion yuan