Fine Dining
  • At Chaat, which won this year’s Best Service award, the full restaurant experience begins long before the guests are seated with a personalised service all the way
  • Best Ambience award winner Estro was done up by acclaimed interior designer Andre Fu to conjure the welcoming aura of a southern Italian lounge

The winner of 100 Top Tables’ inaugural Sustainability Hero award uses a farm-to-fork approach to reduce its carbon footprint – and even introduced a four-day week for staff

Restaurants in cities like London and Marseille, as well as across Africa, are showing how the continent’s food can attain fine dining standards, and even work alongside other culinary traditions


Amid the ban on dine-in evening meals, some of Hong Kong’s best restaurants offer takeaway dinners to enjoy at home. We round up three of the best.

Ever since Francis Mallmann showed what could be done with some logs, a match and a pig in Netflix’s Chef’s Table, some of world’s top culinarians have gone on to embrace the primal cooking tradition

French chef Olivier Elzer looked to what he learned working for Joël Robuchon when it came to the concept for his new restaurant Clarence in Hong Kong.

Japanese and Italian openings dominate this month, with Trippa Milano’s Testina and Nagamoto, a new home for Michelin-starred Kashiwaya’s former head chef, being particularly exciting

Michelle Garnaut, who hosted royals, film stars and prime ministers at her fine dining restaurant, talks about her ups and downs, working out the best exit and starting a podcast series.

Around the world, some of the most famous fine dining restaurants – such as New York City icon Eleven Madison Park – are shifting to plant-based menus as our environmental concerns grow

Hong Kong is the envy of the culinary world – its fine-dining restaurants are thriving, and more have opened, deep into a global pandemic. Discovery Channel goes in search of their secret sauce.


Royal Hotels Hong Kong’s new premium pastry brand opened its first shop at Mikiki Mall, offering Alice in Wonderland-themed pastries and sugar-free desserts for health-conscious diners

Black and white truffles from Italy, dug up in places like Alba and Chianti, are used in some of the world’s finest dishes, but experiencing them on home turf is tough to top.

How not to be a problem diner in six easy steps: ask for the manager or sommelier, be upfront about your dietary restrictions and budget, and please don’t fight over the bill

Restaurants in Hong Kong pair non-alcoholic drinks and food with the same care they lavish on wine-and-food combinations. At one of them they start with the drink, then seek a dish to match.

Francis Chong, executive chef of Singaporean-Malaysian restaurant Can Lah, in Central’s IFC Mall, tells Bernice Chan about changing tastes in Hong Kong and the importance of serving dishes that look good.

High quality produce from South Korea’s seas and farms has been overlooked internationally, but the hallyu wave is helping chefs introduce its food to a wider audience

DeAille Tam, the Hong Kong-born executive chef and co-founder of Obscura in Shanghai, talks about being voted Asia’s Best Female Chef 2021, her Michelin star and why cooking is a form of artistic expression.

The 34-year-old executive chef at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant at the JW Marriott, which just won its first Michelin star, talks about fixing the Chinese cuisine training system, and taking the helm aged 29.

Kiwi chef Analiese Gregory talks about foraging, fishing, and hunting for ingredients, and her new cookbook ‘How Wild Things Are’. After working in high-end restaurants in the UK, Australia and France, she moved to Tasmania.

Ethnic Singaporean food might be gaining a stronger presence on the international stage, thanks to these chefs honing their talent at Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe

Hong Kong’s Avant Meats is developing a lab-grown maw: how does it taste, and can the home-grown brand compete with the likes of Singapore’s Eat Just?