Two Sessions 2019 (Lianghui)

It’s bad news for those blue skies: in a year of sensitive political anniversaries, stability obsessed Beijing is likely to prioritise economic growth over its ‘three critical battles’ against financial risks, pollution and poverty

Going by official media, the intensity of pledges of allegiance to the president were reminiscent of the 1960s heyday of Mao Zedong. But the Chinese people have grown more mature about political indoctrination.


The ballot of the National People’s Congress is often seen as barometer of an incumbent premier’s popularity, with hundreds having opposed some of Li’s past reports – but he is seen as face of Xi Jinping’s policies.

The southern tropical province is to be transformed into a digital free trade zone, but there is still much to be done as officials struggle to meet the grand plan’s ambitious targets.

Some of China’s signature policies are labelled problematic and a waste of money by delegates, while Li Keqiang’s report is questioned, with foreign policy a particular focus of debate.