Traffic in China
  • Data analysis and real-time computing help in tackling big cities’ congestion problems
  • Compulsory installation of location trackers in commercial vehicles makes Thai roads safer

People’s Congress of Jiaxing warns ‘frolicking’ on zebra crossings will not be tolerated, while local newspaper says that, as with smoking bans, public opinion must be shaped to break uncivilised habits.

Whether it is to monitor traffic, prevent petty theft in restaurants or monitor public safety in parks – residents can be sure there is a camera following their every move.

Video footage shared on social media shows scooter rider in Fujian province being addressed as a ‘handsome young lad’ and told to put on his helmet, which he does.

Investigators in Zhejiang say fire from tyres spread to truck’s load of leather goods; authorities say three children were airlifted from hospital in Linhai to Hangzhou for specialist medical treatment.

Three of the 13 travellers struck by car in Changzhou cycle lane die of injuries in hospital, while in Anhui man is detained for making inappropriate comments about crash on social media.

Culprit is detained for endangering public safety in the latest of a string of such incidents, which have been in the spotlight since one ended in a bus plunging into the Yangtze River in October, killing 15.

Driver ‘meant well’ in offering lift to pilgrims, says relative of one victim, but traffic inspectors are investigating what they say was an ‘illegal ride’.

Travellers help driver after fists fly when passenger is told to take his dog and get off – bus company says it will support employee during his recovery.

Rider who was too lazy to learn to drive properly went around with home-made licence for months and claims he was stopped by police who were ‘fine usually’ with fake.