Janice Leung Hayes
Janice Leung Hayes
Janice Leung Hayes is a Hong Kong-based independent food writer and social entrepreneur with a deep love of food - its sources, makers, sellers and eaters. Apart from writing about food, she founded Tong Chong Street Market, Hong Kong's largest farmers' market.

MasterChef New Zealand 2022 winner Sam Low cooked modern takes on southern Chinese classics to wow the celebrity judges. The victim of prejudice growing up, he says victory has made him feel more accepted.

A social enterprise assigns restaurants star ratings based on how they source food, tackle waste and their carbon footprint, and handle staff. Its president, chef Shane Osborn, says: ‘The world’s changed a lot; Hong Kong needs to be part of that.’

From its spicy peppers to speciality beef to freshly made tofu, Ishigaki’s range of local produce has taken cuisine in Japan to new levels. Visitors will enjoy a relaxed Japanese experience with a tropical twist.

In a place where 90 per cent of food is imported, these chefs go out of their way to source food locally, reduce kitchen waste and turn what can’t be used into compost, and recycle to make their restaurants more sustainable.


Unlike black truffles which can be farmed, white truffles must be foraged in the wild. Alba is famous for its white truffles and the annual fair is a great place to learn about and buy them.

From Cantonese to Indian, the Lion City is a cultural melting pot when it comes to cuisine. Four new restaurants are showcasing the city’s diversity on their menus, and are helping reshape the dining experience

Gerald Li, the man behind some of Hong Kong’s hippest eateries, opens his cupboards to reveal a fittingly cool cache that can be enjoyed by adults and kids too

If you like making your own coffee at home, but want a higher quality brew, we have everything you need to know about pour-overs, Vietnamese drippers, how to choose and store your beans and when to grind them

The festive tradition involving raw fish and the dramatic tossing of ingredients can be traced back to Singapore and its “Four Heavenly Kings” of the 1960s

Vicky Lau, of Tate Dining Room, was inspired by motherhood to better understand Chinese ingredients, which take pride of place in her well-stocked pantry

Miso, nori and spices of all kinds fill the shelves at the home of chef Peggy Chan, Hong Kong’s top vegetarian restaurateur; kombucha is her daytime pick-me-up, while a glass of good wine helps her wind down from a 14-hour day

The entrepreneur behind The Woods, The Woods Annex and Kwoon by The Woods spills the beans on giving up coffee, mixing a great gin and tonic, and her passion: dirty martinis


The giant spring rolls popular in the Netherlands may have started life as a springtime dish during the Jin dynasty when ingredients such as garlic, shallots, leek and coriander were consumed for an energy boost

The Chinese once were the second-largest immigrant group in Mexico and brought with them rich culinary traditions, traces of which can still be found in the country’s kitchens today

Yip Tin became assistant to the sauce’s late inventor, a trained biochemist, by accident 38 years ago, and now runs the Hong Kong factory where it is still entirely handmade

The Indonesian lapciong, lobak and siobak all have close cousins in Chinese cuisine, and entered the Balinese diet thanks to migration from southern China that began in earnest 400 years ago

Jason Wong still makes sweets and pastry the way his father learned in Chaozhou decades ago, though the recipes now have less sugar - and returning customers are pleased to find shop still in the same street it has always been

From mixing blue cocktails for US college kids to beverage director of New York’s world-beating bar, Vose is blazing a trail for women bartenders worldwide

The sweet and sour dish, with its gloopy sauce, is an American fast-food staple, but the original dish comes from Sichuan and includes the fiery peppercorn the Chinese cuisine is famous for

Shane Osborn, Australian co-owner of fine-dining restaurant Arcane, in Central, gives us a peek inside his pantry and tells us his must-have spice and things he cooks at home for his family

For father-of-three Nolan Ledarney, who loves trying new cuisines, be it Cantonese or Shanghainese, ‘the health of the children comes first’ – but healthy doesn’t mean boring in this household

Tse Tai-hing produces honey from Italian bees, unlike most Hong Kong beekeepers who use Asiatic bees, and is happy to welcome visitors to his New Territories apiary to show them how it’s done

The chef-owner of three-Michelin-star restaurant Otto e Mezzo likes to keep things simple when he cooks for his family, and loves discovering new ingredients

Founded in 1957 by immigrants from Guangzhou, the key to Cheung Wing Kee’s success is its ability to look ahead while staying true to its roots

Founded in 1922 by a migrant from Guangdong, the brand known for its chilli sauce has never strayed from Sai Ying Pun. Its third-generation owner talks about carrying on his grandfather’s legacy

Dorothy Ma, blogger and social-media consultant, raids Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges and London’s Borough Market on trips back to the UK, buys her favourite tea from Taiwan and cooks with Hong Kong sauces from Mrs So

While couples celebrate Valentine’s and White Day, Korean singles get to ‘wallow in grief’ while chowing down on tossed noodles in meat sauce every April 14. Where did that dish originate?