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  • The 28-year-old Icelandic superstar has helped destroy traditional norms of feminine beauty by embracing her body the way it is
  • Sigmundsdottir, who has just launched her first line of clothing, says ‘your body will blossom if you let it do what it wants to do’

Once-endangered animals are tourist attraction high up on Himalaya’s frozen slopes in India’s Ladakh region … but there are no guarantees you will see them

From China to the Canadian Rockies, ice climbing is a popular niche in the mountaineering world. We talk to the people who find joy in scaling frozen waterfalls and ice-coated crags as they make their sub-zero ascents

Teenager Arabella Ng was Hong Kong’s sole athlete at Pyeongchang, but with Hong Kong offering more winter sports facilities than you might expect for both serious training and leisure, it could be a different story in four years

If you long for thigh-deep powder and untouched runs, look no further than ski touring. The activity takes you away from the resorts, and gets you climbing mountains and speeding down them, all while you are strapped in